Become Part of ‘Caged – A Marvel Universe Short’

Caged - A Marvel Universe Short

Sneaky Zebra, the folks behind Prop Wars, Siri – Ultimate Combat Assistant & Cosplay Music Video are working on a fan film based on the Marvel character of Luke Cage. They’ve taken their project to Kickstarter to raise funds. Take a look!

We’re Gary & Nick, better known as Sneaky Zebra, a UK based filmmaking duo producing a variety of original content like; comedy sketches, music videos and short films.

Some of you might know us from the above, but if not, rest assured with nearly 4 million views on our channels and features on various websites and blogs, we are dedicated to making quality entertainment.

It is because of this passion for film that were are always striving for bigger and better things, sadly though, ‘bigger and better’ does not come cheap; that is where you come in.

We’re here to ask for your help in making a new project – A Luke Cage based fan film. Being huge fans of everything the Marvel universe has to offer, we wanted to give some screen time to one of the lesser known heroes. A non-profit fan film that teases at the origin of Luke, what could become of him in Phase 2, and BEYOND!

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