Consider The Evidence: Are ‘Batman’ & ‘The Dark Knight’ The Same Film?

Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy has been called many things; groundbreaking, thought provoking, even landscape changing…but a carbon copy? Holy Libel Batman!!

Here at Media Devour we stop at nothing to uncover the truth, go behind the curtain, and look into those dark corners…and we ask you to consider the evidence: Are ‘Batman’ & ‘The Dark Knight’ The Same Film?

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Yes, Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ film also featured the Joker, and yes they were both considered monumental achievements in film making, but have you noticed any of the other similarities between the two films?

The Joker’s Tools of Choice
In both films the Joker decides to make an example out of a Gotham gangster who has decided to stand up to him. In 1989’s ‘Batman’ he publicly executes a gangster with a deadly quill to the neck, meanwhile 2008 Joker’s ‘pencil trick’ was one of the most talked about scenes in the film.

Bruce Wayne hosts a Fundraiser
I’ll admit, one is for the police corps. while the other is for Harvey Dent..but you have to admit, they are both fundraisers.


Unmasking the Batman
Both films also dealt with gangsters attempting to unmask Batman. The goons in 1989 apparently managed to get his mask partly off before Vicky Vale snapped a photo, meanwhile in modern times Bruce (I mean Batman) seems to have installed a protective device preventing people from taking his mask off, zzzzapp!


“Let Her Go!”
Both films take advantage of high places as both Jokers get the chance to toss Batman’s love interest from dizzying heights. The 2008 film giving Heath Ledger one of his better (of many) memorable lines in the film.


Spare a Dollar?
Both Batman films also feature the Joker doing away with almost all worldly possessions he comes into contact with, including massive amounts of cash (proving once and for all he truly IS insane).


How Many of You Guys Are There?
No matter how terrifying you appear to be, someone will always want to challenge you, and in both films the Joker knows how to shut that challenge down.

How’s it Hanging?
As mentioned previously, both films used Gotham’s high buildings and massive spires to accentuate the action. Both films also end with the Joker hanging high and dry.


In an obvious move to create an even bigger challenge to our hero, both Jokers appear to be quite attracted to Batman’s main love interest in each film.


There is Nothing Ever Good On Anymore
Both films also have the Joker use the airwaves to get his message across, and as an added item to this list, both messages are essentially the same! Batman must reveal himself to the public!

I Believe in Harvey Dents
Last but certainly not least is good old Harvey Dent, true in ‘Batman’ he was a minor character with less than a dozen lines while his counterpart in ‘The Dark Knight’ is one of the main characters…but he does appear in both films.


Like, comment, share your thoughts in the area below and be sure to send me suggestions for my next ‘Consider the Evidence’ case file.

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About the Author: Michael Regina has spent over a decade deep within the internet fanboy zeitgeist. Directors such as Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong) and Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labrynth, Hellboy) rely on him to reach out to their fan base and be their mouthpiece in order to relay news and quash rumors. The fans flock to his scoop filled websites (, for behind the scenes goodies and spoiler filled stories. Straddling the line between ultimate geek and Hollywood insider, Michael has effectively brought A-List access to everyone’s computer screen.

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