Comcast Launches ‘See It’ Feature to Spur TV Watching, First with Twitter


Comcast has made Twitter its first partner for “See It,” a new feature aiming to close the loop between TV programming and the social conversation that takes place around it online.

“See It” will allow TV watchers to record and watch programming directly off digital platforms, first strictly with the conglomerate’s own NBC Universal programming via tweets beginning in November. Here are the official announcements of the deal from Twitter and Comcast, respectively.

While Twitter is the inaugural partner, Comcast intends to make the “See It” button as ubiquitous as a Facebook “like” on any screen where TV content is being discussed. The company expects to build a roster of partnerships that could include other social media giants like Facebook, entertainment-centric partners like IMDB and even rival pay-TV distributors like DirecTV and brands at content companies outside its ownership like Disney and News Corp.

“See It” will allow Twitter users who are also Comcast subs to either watch live TV or access VOD programming on their set-top box or watch it directly online, regardless of their mobile device. In addition, “See It” could be used to set a DVR to record a future programing or set a programming reminder. Comcast-owned movie-ticketing service, Fandango, will also be tapped via Twitter, to enable buying theater tickets. Read More

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