Superman’s 75th Anny Animation


A while back we heard rumors that Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm teamed up to put together an animated ode to Superman. The thing that made this unique was that it was going to incorporate ALL incarnations of Superman from his 75 year run. The video has now been released, and they nailed it, almost.

Any Superman fan worth his salt will notice a few glaring errors (omissions?) from the animation. Notably Brandon Routh, Dean Cain and Tom Welling to name a few (sure ‘Smallville’ gets a passing mention…but cmon). Also missing out was Ben Affleck’s role as George Reeves/Superman in the superb film ‘Hollywoodland’, however..maybe the WB really didn’t want to have another Affleckageddon on their hands..

What do you think? Click on the image above to see the animation.

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