Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer

Trumping even the best fan-made 50th trailer, the BBC have revealed a specially made Doctor Who trailer to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show as well as promote the upcoming special ‘The Day of the Doctor’. Starting out much like the show did, in grainy black-and-white, the camera pans over Totter’s Yard and we splash into full colour high def video with William Hartnell (amazingly rendered in what looks like CGI) facing off with a Dalek who has just taken out a Unit soldier. The camera swoops past that action to catch a glimpse of Patrick Troughton’s Doctor playing a tune on his recorder before pivoting on a sonic screwdriver and moving skyward towards a falling Tom Baker (jellybabies and all), the camera pans past him to see Sarah Jane Smith watching through a sphere as Jon Pertwee and Rodger Delgado’s Master duel in the Tardis, with the aliens invading London in the background. As the camera zooms back to reveal that Clara Oswin Oswald is holding the sphere, the camera pans past her to an action shot featuring Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, Christopher Eccleston and Peter Davison plus some baddies squaring off. As it zooms past them we see Paul McGann and other bad guys like The Silence. Finally we move towards David Tennant and whoosh past him to Matt Smith, who narrates throughout.

What do you think? Are you ready for ‘The Day of the Doctor’? #savetheday

Day of the Doctor

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