DVR Figures Show True Winners & Losers of TV


From Some of the biggest shows on television continue to shatter DVR playback records this fall, with NBC’s “The Blacklist” raising the bar even higher with its second episode. Live+7 data from Nielsen for the Sept. 30 episode shows “Blacklist” adding a whopping 6.504 million viewers to its same-night viewership, vaulting its total from 11.35 million to 17.86 million. That makes it the first broadcast network show to add more than 6 million viewers.

The previous high gain for any series from Live+SD to Live+7 was the season premiere episode of CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” (5.705 million).

The big surge for “Blacklist” means it retained 98% of its premiere-week viewership. And it fared even better in adults 18-49, where its growth of 2.2 ratings points brought its total to 5.5 — the same as its premiere episode, which did a 3.8 same-night rating.


Another rookie show that looked especially strong in Week 2 playback was Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow,” which rose 2.1 points (3.0 to 5.1) with its third episode (it started a week before the official start of the season). One week earlier (with its second episode), “Sleepy” did a 3.1 in Live+SD and a 5.3 in Live+7. Among the 22 programs that grew by at least 1.1 ratings points during Week 2 (Sept. 30-Oct. 6), ABC and CBS had seven apiece, while NBC and Fox both had four. ABC’s “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” tied with “Sleepy Hollow” for the week’s third biggest lift (up 2.1), pushing its L7 rating to 5.4, down 23% from its big premiere (4.7 rating in Live+SD and 7.0 in Live+7).

CBS had the week’s biggest 18-49 gainer with “The Big Bang Theory” (up 2.4, 5.2 to 7.6). And for the week is ranked No. 1, overtaking NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.”

The biggest risers on a percentage basis among the top 25 series were Fox’s “New Girl” (up 89%), Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (up 79%), CBS’ “Elementary” (75%), NBC’s “Parenthood” (73%) and Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” (70%). Throw in “Glee,” and Fox had four of the six biggest growers in percentage during Week 2 of the season.

At CW, its Thursday dramas showed big gains for their premieres in Week 2. “The Vampire Diaries” rose 52% in total viewers (3.94m vs. 2.59m) and 64% in adults 18-34 (2.08 vs. 1.27), while spinoff “The Originals” rose 46% in total viewers (3.21m vs. 2.21m) and 70% in adults 18-34 (1.30 vs. 0.96).

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