Confirmed! Gal Gadot is Playing Wonder Woman!

Gal Gadot is Woner Woman

Confirming a story we ran last month “WHO IS GOING TO PLAY WONDER WOMAN?” Gal Gadot was indeed on the shortlist for the coveted role of Wonder Woman in the next Superman Film ‘Batman/Superman’. Word has now come down that she has indeed won the part! Gadot, born in 1985 is an Israeli Actress who was most recently seen in ‘Fast & Furious 6’, no word if she is working on ‘Fast & Furious 7’ which is now on indefinite hold due to the recent death of Paul Walker.

The sequel to ‘Man of Steel’, currently being called ‘Batman/Superman’, ‘Batman v. Superman’ or one of several different titles, is rumored to take on ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ comic storyline. There have also been rumors that elements from ‘World’s Finest’ will also be seen.

Gadot’s role as Wonder Woman is supposed to be a supporting one, most likely if she is received well with audiences it will open the door to a long awaited Wonder Woman feature film.

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