New Comic Book Releases – April 16 2014

Here is a definitive list of new comics and graphic novels out this week from the fine folks at Things from Another World.

8908All New Batman Brave And Bold Small Miracles TPB

This all-ages title guest-stars DC Super Heroes including Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter and more!
Credits:Sholly Fisch;Robert Pope;Rick Burchett

PRICE: $7.79 Order ‘All New Batman Brave And Bold Small Miracles TPB’ Now

8908All New X-Factor #3

"Not Brand X" The All-New X-Factor is meant to help people . . . But which one of their own has a secret? Hint: It's Gambit.
Credits:Peter David;Carmine Di Giandomenico;Jared K. Fletcher

PRICE: $3.59 Order ‘All New X-Factor #3’ Now

8908Alpha Flight Classic TPB Vol. 02

See such unlikely heroes as Puck, Sasquatch, Northstar?and Guardian take on the threats of the Super-Skrull, Omega Flight, the Master of the World and the Plodex! Plus: Alpha?Flight origins, Marrina falls in love with Namor, and a team?member's death! And not one, but two takes on the classic X-Men adventure in which Weapon Alpha tried to take Wolverine back to Canada!
Credits:John Byrne & Chris Claremont;John Byrne

PRICE: $26.99 Order ‘Alpha Flight Classic TPB Vol. 02’ Now

8908Angel and Faith TPB Vol. 4 Death and Consequences TPB – nick & dent

When a demon from Giles's past emerges in London, Angel has his chance to capture the final piece of Giles's soul. But when Faith's innocent Slayer friends end up standing between the guilt-ridden vampire and his prize, Angel is unwilling to sacrifice new lives for one that was already lost-even if it destroys his quest altogether! * Executive produced by Joss Whedon!
Credits:Christos Gage;Rebekah Isaacs;Dan Jackson;Steve Morris

PRICE: $8.99 Order ‘Angel and Faith TPB Vol. 4 Death and Consequences TPB – nick & dent’ Now

8908Angel and Faith: Season Ten #1

Angel's work is never done. During his most recent world saving, a part of London was transformed and flooded with magic. Who better to watch over this magical community than Angel? At least, that's what he thinks. Meanwhile, Faith starts a new chapter in her life-slaying zompires alongside Buffy?! * Will Conrad ( Serenity , Nightwing ) returns to the Whedonverse! * Executive produced by Joss Whedon!
Credits:Victor Gischler;Will Conrad;Michelle Madsen;Scott Fischer

PRICE: $3.15 Order ‘Angel and Faith: Season Ten #1’ Now

8908Anne Bonnie #2

Pirates, magic, and adventure collide in this action packed series. The Sea is still in chaos after the mysterious disappearance of the Pirate Queen Anne Bonnie, and danger lurks over every crest. Join Ariana aboard the Crimson Dawn, a legendary enchanted ship, as she follows her dream of becoming a pirate in a world that's still awaiting the return of the Pirate Queen.
Credits:Tim Yates

PRICE: $3.19 Order ‘Anne Bonnie #2’ Now

8908Aphrodite IX #4 (Cover D – Hairsine)

"DEADLY LIASONS" Everything changes as Aphrodite IX discovers the truth about herself and how her handler Burch has been manipulating her.
Credits:Matt Hawkins;Stjepan Sejic;Trevor Hairsine

PRICE: $1.79 Order ‘Aphrodite IX #4 (Cover D – Hairsine)’ Now

8908Archie The Married Life TPB Vol. 03

Things really start getting interesting, as the mysterious Dilton Doiley subplots that have been bubbling just below the surface since the series' beginning start to affect everything! In the Archie Marries Veronica storyline, the title relationship faces some serious struggles. On the Archie Marries Betty side, Archie's trying to juggle more than his share of responsibilities. And in both storylines, Dilton and Ambrose bring some shocking, reality-shaking revelations to light that affect everyone in Riverdale – and possibly the world!
Credits:Paul Kupperberg;Fernando Ruiz

PRICE: $11.99 Order ‘Archie The Married Life TPB Vol. 03’ Now

8908Archie The Married Life TPB Vol. 04

Life is turned upside-down for our red-headed hero and both of his alternate universe brides. Kevin's wedded bliss is cut short when tragedy strikes the hometown hero and his husband, launching him into a career he never thought he'd enter! And the ball gets rolling on Betty and Reggie's reality TV deal-but can Betty and Reggie run their shops and stay in a healthy relationship with cameras on them 24/7? Meanwhile an old 'friend' returns with some shocking news! Featuring a surprise guest appearance by Josie and the Pussycats! Collects issues #19-24 of the Life With Archie magazine.
Credits:Paul Kupperberg;Fernando Ruiz

PRICE: $17.99 Order ‘Archie The Married Life TPB Vol. 04’ Now

8908Archie The Married Life TPB Vol. 05

The fifth volume of Archie's highly acclaimed graphic novel series features celebrated writer Paul Kupperberg's tight-knit ongoing romantic storyline of Archie as a young newlywed in two very different universes, one where he marries wealthy socialite Veronica Lodge and the other where he marries girl-next-door Betty Cooper. This volume follows Betty and Reggie's time in the reality TV spotlight, and Cheryl Blossom continues her fight against breast cancer, while also inspiring women struggling to do the same! Plus all the romantic ups and downs that Riverdale is famous for!
Credits:Paul Kupperberg;Fernando Ruiz;Norm Breyfogle

PRICE: $15.99 Order ‘Archie The Married Life TPB Vol. 05’ Now

8908Archie's Joke Book HC Vol. 01 Bob Montana

Archie's Joke Book was a wonderful showcase for the great Bob Montana to share his incredible comedic talents with readers. Each issue contained literally dozens of half-page and one-page stories, each featuring one or more of your favorite Riverdale characters: Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, Moose and many more. This is a veritable cornucopia of delectable Archie goodness, featuring over 300 stories!
Credits:Bob Montana;Various

PRICE: $23.99 Order ‘Archie's Joke Book HC Vol. 01 Bob Montana’ Now

8908Archies Weird Mysteries TPB

Collecting some of the best tales from the series based on the hit cartoon, Archie and the gang continue their classic adventures – with a weird, offbeat twist! Archie is working for Riverdale High School's newspaper, investigating weird phenomena and bizarre happenings. It seems the school's science department blew a fuse in its hyper sub-molecular quarkinator, and all sorts of things are now crawling and slithering through the town! It's up to Archie to look into the cases… and usually he happens to be there when they are resolved as well. All of the gang from the pop television series shows up, including occasional appearances from their own Sabrina the Teenage Witch, popular comic book character of the 1970s and popular television character of the late 1990s.
Credits:Paul Castiglia;Fernando Ruiz

PRICE: $5.97 Order ‘Archies Weird Mysteries TPB’ Now

8908Archies World Tour GN

When Archie and friends embark on a whirlwind world tour, their first stop is London, where they soon find themselves embroiled in an international spy mystery! This is the first Archie Comics story by acclaimed writer and children's art advocate Alex Simmons and featuring the art of Archie veteran Rex Lindsay!
Credits:Alex Simmons;Rex Lindsey

PRICE: $5.97 Order ‘Archies World Tour GN’ Now

8908Army Of Darkness #25

That's right, you medieval deadites, 25 issues of chainsaw-swingin' good times for the Ashley J. Williams! What surprises does the creative team and Dynamite have in mind for Ash and company for this monstrous milestone? (You got me! These scripts give me nightmares!) Find out in this issue from writer Mike Raicht and artist Scott Cohn!
Credits:Mike Raicht;Scott Cohn

PRICE: $2.8 Order ‘Army Of Darkness #25’ Now

8908Army Of Darkness #26

Army of Darkness from Dynamite Entertainment returns as our creative team concludes their opus – Ash vs. the League of Light! Oh, wait, did we say 'vs.' that doesn't sound good. I thought they were all friends when we last saw them. What happened?
Credits:Mike Raicht;Scott Cohn

PRICE: $2.8 Order ‘Army Of Darkness #26’ Now

8908Asterix And The Picts HC

The long-awaited brand new Asterix adventure! The Picts are people of ancient Scotland; fearsome warriors of multiple clans, whose name, given by the Romans, literally means 'painted men.' Asterix and the Picts will be, as in all the best adventures of the most famous Gaul, an epic journey to a land rich in tradition, and an introduction to a people whose cultural differences with the Gaul will translate into lots of fun!
Credits:Jean-Yves Ferri;Didier Conrad

PRICE: $11.96 Order ‘Asterix And The Picts HC’ Now

8908Astonishing X-Men Prem HC Ghost Box

The superstar team of Warren Ellis and Simone Bianchi take the X-Men to the 'Second Stage.' The X-Men are back to business — with a new look, a new base of operations, and a mystery to solve that will take them into previously uncharted territory and test them to their core. It all starts on a spaceship hovering 300 hundred feet above the twisted wreckage of Chaparanga Beach. Its sole inhabitant: the mysterious Subject X. Five minutes – just five minutes is all he needs, all he's asking for. Can the X-Men afford to give it to him? Plus, artists Adi Granov, Alan Davis, Clayton Crain and Kaare Andrews join Ellis as they delve into the real consequences of this mysterious object in GHOST BOXES.

PRICE: $17.99 Order ‘Astonishing X-Men Prem HC Ghost Box’ Now

8908Astro Boy Volume 13 TPB

In the wake of the critical acclaim for the incredible Metropolis animated feature, interest in the work of master storyteller and cartoonist Osamu Tezuka, creator of Metropolis and the godfather of Japanese comics and animation, has never been greater, and Astro Boy is the flame that ignited the modern anime and manga industries and is a key touchstone in virtually every area of popular entertainment. In this volume: "Solomon's Jewels"; "Showdown in the Alps"; and "The Lying Robot." This volume includes the following stories: Zolomon's Jewels Shootout in the Alps The Lying Robot
Credits:Osamu Tezuka;Digital Chameleon;Frederik L. Schodt

PRICE: $5.97 Order ‘Astro Boy Volume 13 TPB’ Now

8908Avengers vs. Pet Avengers GN TPB – nick & dent

Basic Truth: It's hard to protect Earth when you've been turned into a frog. The Pet Avengers Return! Good thing, too – because dragons have decided it's time to take over the world and oppress the silly humans once and for all! And since Captain America, Iron Man and Thor are all green and hopping about, here's hoping they can get used to their new flippers in time to fight alongside Earth's Mightiest Pets! Plus: (ribbit) Time for a team-up, Spidey! (ribbit) Let's see…Iron Man's busy (ribbit), Captain America's a little under the weather (ribbit), and the FF are doing their own (ribbit) thing. Who's ready and willing to help you take on the bad guys? (ribbit) FROG THOR!!!
Credits:Chris Eliopoulos;Ig Guara & Chris Eliopoulos;Ig Guara

PRICE: $7.49 Order ‘Avengers vs. Pet Avengers GN TPB – nick & dent’ Now

8908Avengers X-Men TPB Maximum Security

Welcome to Earth: penal colony for the universe's deadliest villains! When the civilized alien races-influenced by the Supreme Intelligence and his newly evolved Kree-tire of Earth's involvement in their affairs, they decide to make it their new prison planet! Featuring all the world's greatest heroes-including the Avengers, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four-against the most bizarre and deadly threats they can conceive of! And on the forefront of the villainous attack? Ronan the Accuser and Ego the Living Planet!
Credits:Kurt Busiek;Dan Jurgens;Chris Claremont,Joseph Harris;Frank Tieri;Fabian Nicieza;Joe Pruett;Dan Jurgens;Andy Kubert,Salvador Larroca;Georges Jeanty;Alitha Martinez;John Romita Jr.;Yanick Paquette;Leinil Francis Yu;Brett Booth;Jerry Ordway

PRICE: $35.99 Order ‘Avengers X-Men TPB Maximum Security’ Now

8908AVX Consequences #5 (of 5) (Variant Cover Edition)

CLASSIFIED This variant cover edition comes bagged and boarded.
Credits:Kieron Gillen

PRICE: $14.99 Order ‘AVX Consequences #5 (of 5) (Variant Cover Edition)’ Now

8908Bakuman TPB Vol. 14

Is Moritaka and Akito's newest rival also their greatest fan?! The duo is asked to judge a manga contest and the best entry reminds them of their own creations. But who is this mysterious new artist and what are his controversial methods of creating manga?
Credits:Tsugumi Ohba;Takeshi Obata

PRICE: $7.99 Order ‘Bakuman TPB Vol. 14’ Now

8908Batman Arkham City Batman Statue

Sculpted by Dave Cortes You'd have to be committed to Arkham Asylum to not want this monochromatic statue of the Dark Knight poised for battle, based on the advertising campaign and packaging for the best-selling, critically acclaimed video game BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY. Statue measures approximately 10" tall.

PRICE: $74.97 Order ‘Batman Arkham City Batman Statue’ Now

8908Battlestar Galactica #11

'The Adama Gambit' (Part 2 of 2). With death bearing down on the fleet from the attacking Base Star, Commander Adama is forced to take desperate action, and employ frantically risky tactics in a last ditch effort to save humankind! The climactic, concluding part of this epic story of space-battle action and edge of the seat tension
Credits:Dan Abnett;Cezar Razek;Livio Ramondelli

PRICE: $3.19 Order ‘Battlestar Galactica #11’ Now

8908Battlestar Galactica #4

Marooned in a reality where the Battlestar Galactica never existed and the Cylon's rule supreme; Apollo joins a very different version of his father in his relentless resistance against the Cylon domination. Meanwhile, imprisoned in the holding cells of a Cylon Basestar, Starbuck discovers an unexpected and startling new ally!
Credits:Dan Abnett;Cezar Razek;Alex Ross

PRICE: $2.39 Order ‘Battlestar Galactica #4’ Now

8908Batwing TPB Vol. 01 The Lost Kingdom

The first collection starring BATWING, the African-born hero introduced in the pages of BATMAN, INCORPORATED! What can a soldier in service of Batman Incorporated do when he's met his match in the murderous MASSACRE? The past looms large as Batwing's early days as a crime fighter come to light, gaining the attention of BATMAN.
Credits:Judd Winick;Ben Oliver

PRICE: $13.49 Order ‘Batwing TPB Vol. 01 The Lost Kingdom’ Now

8908Berserk Volume 05 TPB

He is Guts, the Black Swordsman, a warrior of legendary prowess-relentless, fearless, merciless. As cold and brutal as the iron of the massive sword he wields. Bent on revenge against the unholy forces that have branded him for sacrifice, but especially on Griffith, one of the demon lords of the Godhand. But Griffith was once a man, the leader of the Hawks, a renowned cadre of elite fighters with a young Guts as its fiercest champion. Though forged in a crucible of cruelty and violence, nothing could prepare Guts for a confrontation with Nosferatu Zodd, a superhuman beast who slaughters Guts' comrades as easily as a scythe cuts wheat. Even Guts and Griffith are no match for the abomination's power … but something Griffith wears around his neck may well be! One of the most eagerly anticipated manga properties in recent years, Berserk was originally published in Japan and has been serialized in Young Animal Magazine since the early 1990s. The Berserk manga has been adapted into a best-selling……
Credits:Kentaro Miura

PRICE: $8.99 Order ‘Berserk Volume 05 TPB’ Now

8908Bettie Page Sticker #8: Betty in a Yellow Bikini

Stick 'em here, stick 'em there, stick 'em everywhere! Dark Horse brings you more cool full-color stickers, like Bettie Page, The Sopranos, and best known for her photos of Bettie page, from behind the camera we bring you Bunny Yeager. Stick 'em on your backpacks, books, and buddies! Stick up your doors, desks, and dorms! Stick it! Stickers sold individually.

PRICE: $1.19 Order ‘Bettie Page Sticker #8: Betty in a Yellow Bikini’ Now

8908Bettie Page Sticker: Orange Star Bettie

The time has come for new Bettie Page stickers! Our favorite pinup girl makes the perfect centerpiece to our swinging, colorful designs. We've got a delicious orange Bettie image on a cute star design. Bright and flirty. Get 'em while they're hot!

PRICE: $1.5 Order ‘Bettie Page Sticker: Orange Star Bettie’ Now

8908Big Brilliant Book Of Bart Simpson TPB

Be among the best and the brightest with Bart Simpson's brilliant new comic collection! See Bart thumb his nose at social convention, defy authority, and outwit his classmates as he makes a little pocket change while he works for the Comic Book Guy, tries to save his beloved treehouse from demolition, and attempts to recover the grand prize-winning Krusty Burger game piece. But he also proves to be a little too big for his britches when he tries to sneak into the movies, stages a stink war and bath strike against his mother, and sails off untethered in a hot air balloon over Springfield.
Credits:Matt Groening

PRICE: $11.96 Order ‘Big Brilliant Book Of Bart Simpson TPB’ Now

8908Black Bat #2 (Cover D – Tan)

The redemptive quest of The Black Bat continues! As the cloaked hero launches his campaign against his criminal former clients, he must save the police from a mysterious captor. What darkness from Tony's past threatens his newfound war on crime?
Credits:Brian Buccellato;Ronan Cliquet;Billy Tan

PRICE: $2.39 Order ‘Black Bat #2 (Cover D – Tan)’ Now

8908Bloodtrail TPB

A Dynamite/Liquid release! Prisoner Etu, racked with guilt, re-lives the decision which led to the destruction of his tribe at the hands of an unthinkable monster generations before. The year is 1867 and nestled among the majestic mountains of the Pacific Northwest lies a Native American village on the verge of extinction. When its inhabitants become suspicious of a strange family who choose to live apart from the rest, young Etu trails the family to a camp deep in the woods only to discover that they possess inconceivable powers! When Etu reveals what he has witnessed to the tribe, his father, a powerful Witchdoctor, discloses the identity of the family and the spell he cast on them years before. An edict to exterminate the family at all costs is passed down – but when confronted by their powers, the plan only sets in motion the birth of a curse more evil than any of them could have imagined!
Credits:Michael Cochran;Dean Hyrapiet

PRICE: $6.39 Order ‘Bloodtrail TPB’ Now

8908Boys HC Vol. 05 Herogasm Ltd Ed

An evil so profound it threatens all mankind… the mightiest heroes on the planet uniting to defend us all… a secret crisis of such utter finality that a countdown to civil or infinite war seems unavoidable… but have you ever wondered what really happens during Crossovers? This volume collects all six issues of the first-ever Boys spin-off mini-series by Garth Ennis and John McCrea, with covers by co-creator Darick Robertson!
Credits:Garth Ennis;John McRea;Darick Robertson

PRICE: $23.99 Order ‘Boys HC Vol. 05 Herogasm Ltd Ed’ Now

8908Boys HC Vol. 06 Self-preservation Society Ltd Ed

You can only maim and murder so many superheroes before someone decides to do something about it, and in The Boys' case that means Payback- a superteam of unimaginable power, second only to the mighty Seven. Pulping teenage supes is one thing, but how will our heroes fare against Soldier Boy, Mind-Droid, Swatto, the Crimson Countess, and the Nazi juggernaut known as Stormfront? Blood flies and bones shatter, as Butcher & co. meet fire with fire. And in the origin tales of Mother's Milk, the Frenchman and the Female, Hughie learns of the strange paths by which this disparate trio came to join The Boys. From tragedy in Harlem to the slaughter on the Brooklyn Bridge, from the festival of Les Saints De Haw-Haw to the horror lurking under Tokyo, this is a journey of discovery like no other- with only the flickering lamp of insanity to light the way… This volume collects issues 31-38 of the New York Times Best-Selling series by Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson and Judge Dredd co-creator, Carlos……
Credits:Garth Ennis;Darick Robertson;Ezquerra

PRICE: $23.99 Order ‘Boys HC Vol. 06 Self-preservation Society Ltd Ed’ Now

8908Brightest Day Series 1 Weighted Case Assortment

From BLACKEST NIGHT to BRIGHTEST DAY! They're back for a reason. Comics' biggest event continues as BRIGHTEST DAY burns away the BLACKEST NIGHT! In this best-selling follow-up, the white light has resurrected twelve heroes and villains. Though the exact reasons for their rebirths remain a mystery, each is destined to play an intricate role in the future of the DC Universe. All four figures feature multiple points of articulation and include a display base. Character-appropriate accessories are also included. 4-color clamshell blister card packaging.

PRICE: $160 Order ‘Brightest Day Series 1 Weighted Case Assortment’ Now

8908Buck Rogers In 25th Century Dailies HC Vol. 05

The saga of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, the world's most famous science-fiction newspaper strip, continues! Included in this volume are two more years of the strip, from 1935 to 1937, featuring five complete adventures. Volume Five features continuities with Buck, Wilma, Ardala, Killer Kane, and Black Barney. The strips contained in this volume have never been reprinted before and have been painstakingly restored to perfection!
Credits:John F. Dille;Dick Calkins

PRICE: $39.99 Order ‘Buck Rogers In 25th Century Dailies HC Vol. 05’ Now

8908Cataclysm Ultimates Last Stand #1 (of 5)

THE BIGGEST ULTIMATE EVENT YET! MARVEL'S GALACTUS VS. THE ULTIMATES ï AGE OF ULTRON ripped a hole into the Ultimate Universe ï GALACTUS came throughÖhungry ï Is this the last stand of the Ultimate heroes?

PRICE: $2.99 Order ‘Cataclysm Ultimates Last Stand #1 (of 5)’ Now

8908Cloak Dagger Crime Punishment Prem HC – nick & dent

Written by BILL MANTLO & AL MILGROM Penciled by ED HANNIGAN, AL MILGROM, RON FRENZ, TONY SALMONS, RICK LEONARDI & KERRY GAMMILL Covers by AL MILGROM & ED HANNIGAN Created by the underworld – sworn to destroy it! Cloak and Dagger hit the streets to fight organized crime and super villainy! When they set their sights on the Kingpin, Spider-Man thinks they're going too far, but his webs can't rein them in! Plus: The Punisher's on the prowl, and it's a problem for everybody! Guest-starring the Black Cat, the New Mutants and the Spidey supporting players of yesteryear! Collecting PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN (1972) #64, #69-70, #81-82 and #94-96; MARVEL TEAM-UP ANNUAL #6; and MARVEL FANFARE (1982) #19.
Credits:Bill Mantlo;Ed Hannigan;Al Milgrom

PRICE: $14.99 Order ‘Cloak Dagger Crime Punishment Prem HC – nick & dent’ Now

8908Clockwerx HC

London, 1897. A series of mysterious deaths on the shipping docks have an ex-Scotland Yard officer on the hunt for clues. What he uncovers is a war between a huge corporation and a renegade group of individuals fighting for an energy source that could control the world and that powers the very robotic machines, called Clocks, being used to fight this epic battle. A trans-Atlantic collaboration between American authors Jason Henderson and Tony Salvaggio and French illustrator Jean-Baptiste Hostache, Clockwerx is a non-stop Steampunk thrill ride as captivatingly rendered as it is written.
Credits:Jason Henderson;Jean-Baptiste Hostache

PRICE: $23.96 Order ‘Clockwerx HC’ Now

8908Creature Tech GN (Image Edition)

From DOUG TENNAPEL the creator of Earthworm Jim, MONSTER ZOO and Ghostopolis comes a new edition presented for the first time by Image Comics! Featuring 16 new pages of TENNAPEL's rough development sketches and pin ups from ROB SCRAB and C.S. MORSE.
Credits:Doug Tennapel

PRICE: $14.39 Order ‘Creature Tech GN (Image Edition)’ Now

8908Crossed Badlands #44 Torture Cover

Crossed: Badlands welcomes a new scribe, as Deadpool writer DANIEL WAY joins the ranks of the damned with a new tale of Crossed misery in 'Grave New World.' In a story that spans the length of the Crossed infection, a naval captain and his loyal crew attempt to outlast the monsters that have overtaken the world. But aboard the vessel there is little joy and the remaining crew wonder if perhaps their leader has gone mad. When two very strange survivors are brought on board a world of hate and vengeance begins to destroy this carefully preserved oasis. In a world of maniacs, there is no help, there is no hope, there is only the Crossed. Available with a Regular, Torture, Wraparound, and a special Red Crossed Incentive cover all by Gabriel Andrade.
Credits:Daniel Way;Emiliano Urinola;Gabriel Andrade

PRICE: $3.59 Order ‘Crossed Badlands #44 Torture Cover’ Now

8908Crossed Badlands #53

Part four of GARTH ENNIS' return to Crossed: Badlands continues to give the hordes of infected a dire dose of horror! It is the beginning of the infection and as more and more countries fall to the rapidly expanding infection, a group of military men start to place the pieces together and form assumptions about how this all happened. In each country a patient zero began the Crossed horror, but what does that mean for how the first infected actually came about? The creator of Crossed and Preacher, continues the tale that set off C-Day in comic shops worldwide! Available with Regular, Torture, and Red Crossed Incentive covers by Christian Zanier, a Fatale Fantasy cover by Matt Martin and a Wraparound cover by Gabriel Andrade.
Credits:Garth Ennis;Christian Zanier

PRICE: $3.19 Order ‘Crossed Badlands #53’ Now

8908Daken Dark Wolverine Prem HC Big Break – nick & dent

Written by ROB WILLIAMS Penciled by RON GARNEY & MATTEO BUFFAGNI Cover by GUISEPPE CAMUNCOLI In his bid for power, Daken has already taken control of Madripoor's underground criminal element – and Wolverine's son is just getting started. Next on his list is the City of Angels. That's right, Daken's headed to Hollywood – but he's got a score to settle first. Enter Wolverine and the Avengers! Collecting DAKEN: DARK WOLVERINE #9.1 and #10-12 112 PGS./Parental Advisory
Credits:Rob Williams;Ron Garney & Matteo Buffagni;Guiseppe Camuncoli

PRICE: $9.99 Order ‘Daken Dark Wolverine Prem HC Big Break – nick & dent’ Now

8908DC Archives – Doom Patrol HC Vol. 05

Written by Arnold Drake Art and cover by Bruno Premiani In the final volume in the DOOM PATROL series, featuring issues #114-121, the team battles the Mutant Master, the Galactic Gladiator, the Black Vulture, and more before meeting one of the strangest ends any super-team has ever experienced! Advance-solicited; on sale June 25 ï 208 pg, FC, $49.99 US"

PRICE: $29.99 Order ‘DC Archives – Doom Patrol HC Vol. 05’ Now

8908DC Comics Year By Year Visual Chronicle Slipcase HC

For more than 70 years, DC Comics has been entertaining children and adults alike. Here, for the first time, is the chronological account of the adventures of both the characters and the company that created them. The DC Chronicle Year by Year traces DC's fascinating story: the company's beginnings as National Allied Publications in the 1934, its subsequent change to Detective Comics, Inc. in 1937, to its publishing landmarks in the decades to come, all displayed clearly month by month. Features cover art by Ryan Sook and a foreword by Paul Levitz.
Credits:Daniel Wallace;Ryan Sook

PRICE: $40 Order ‘DC Comics Year By Year Visual Chronicle Slipcase HC’ Now

8908DC Cover Art Print Power Girl

Art by Adam Hughes Own a piece of comics history! For the first time ever, DC Direct is proud to offer this stunning, museum-quality display piece featuring art by fan-favorite Adam Hughes! The artist's process of creating the image of Power Girl on the variant cover of JSA CLASSIFIED #1 is chronicled here on an acid-free, double-matted authentic DC Comics artboard, perfect for framing. A reproduction of Hughes' original pencil art appears beside a reproduction of the final, printed cover, and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist himself is also included. The entire piece measures approximately 20 inches high x 24 inches wide and is packaged in a self-shipping box.
Credits:Adam Hughes

PRICE: $100 Order ‘DC Cover Art Print Power Girl’ Now

8908DC Super Heroes Batman Young Reader TPB Mad Hatters Movie Madness

Billionaire Bruce Wayne and his teenage sidekick, Tim Drake, have tickets to a new Alice in Wonderland movie. Unfortunately, Jervis Tetch, also known as the Mad Hatter, has infiltrated the theater and installed his micro-circuitry into the 3-D glasses. When the movie begins, dozens of Gotham teens are brainwashed! That night, Tim and the other teens awake, rush to the Mad Hatter's lair, and receive instructions to rob the city's jewelry stores. They obey the demands, but soon run into Batman! The Dark Knight must follow the teens, stop the Mad Hatter, and save the Boy Wonder from Wonderland.
Credits:Donald Lemke;Gregg Schigiel

PRICE: $3.96 Order ‘DC Super Heroes Batman Young Reader TPB Mad Hatters Movie Madness’ Now

8908DC Villains Month 3-D Motion Complete Set

DC's red-hot 3-D motion covers are set to return in the new VILLAINS MONTH 3-D MOTION COMPLETE SET, now resolicited for February on-sale! This set will include second printings of all 52 Villains Month titles with 3-D motion covers plus the FOREVER EVIL #1 3-D Motion Cover Variant edition!
Credits:Michael Alan Nelson;Mike Hawthorne;Aaron Kuder

PRICE: $179.99 Order ‘DC Villains Month 3-D Motion Complete Set’ Now

8908Deadpool Cabesa Mutant Previews Exclusive Snap Back Cap

Keep the sun out of your eyes with this Deadpool cap!

PRICE: $20.79 Order ‘Deadpool Cabesa Mutant Previews Exclusive Snap Back Cap’ Now

8908Definitive Flash Gordon & Jungle Jim HC Vol. 04

The grand conclusion to the multiple Eisner Award-nominated editions of Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim! Reproduced in the oversized Champagne Edition format are Raymond's spectacular Sunday pages from 1942-1944; also included is the first storyline by Austin Briggs, who followed Raymond's tenure. Edited by Dean Mullaney, designed by Lorraine Turner, with an introduction by Bruce Canwell.
Credits:Alex Raymond

PRICE: $60 Order ‘Definitive Flash Gordon & Jungle Jim HC Vol. 04’ Now

8908Doctor Who Ongoing 2 TPB Vol. 04 As Time Goes By

1941. Casablanca. Murder. Sound familiar? The Doctor, Amy, and Rory in the setting for the classic film with a little side of the Silurians thrown in of course.
Credits:Joshua Hale Fialkov;Matthew Dow Smith;Mark Buckingham

PRICE: $16.19 Order ‘Doctor Who Ongoing 2 TPB Vol. 04 As Time Goes By’ Now

8908Dragon Age II Embroidered Patch: Templars

We have created four embroidered patches from BioWare's world of Dragon Age II . The logos represented are Quanari, Chantry, Kirkwall, and Templars. Each patch comes on a backing card with a die-cut for hanging.

PRICE: $2.99 Order ‘Dragon Age II Embroidered Patch: Templars’ Now

8908Elephantmen #56

'BLOOD AND SAND' SHAKY KANE returns to ELEPHANTMEN to tell a chilling story of the L.A.P.D's Lieutenant Trench.
Credits:Richard Starkings;Shaky Kane

PRICE: $3.19 Order ‘Elephantmen #56’ Now

8908Fullmetal Alchemist TPB Vol. 03

Accompanied by their bodyguard Alex Louis Armstrong our heroes seek out a childhood friend: Winry Rockbell mechanic extraordinaire who can fix their battered 'auto-mail' bodyparts. Soon their quest for the Philosopher's Stone takes them to the great central library where the Stone's formula may be hidden. But the secret of the Philosopher's Stone may be even more frightening than the beings who guard it…
Credits:Hiromu Arakawa

PRICE: $7.99 Order ‘Fullmetal Alchemist TPB Vol. 03’ Now

8908Fuse #2

'THE RUSSIA SHIFT' Part Two Two dead cablers. Two MCPD murder police. One of them is an FGU. One vic leads to Midway City Hall. The other leads into the cables of SOLAR 1. The LT is furious. I-SEEC won't help them. But the ME can. 'Someone want to run all that by me again? In English?'
Credits:Antony Johnston;Justin Greenwood

PRICE: $3.15 Order ‘Fuse #2’ Now

8908Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Figure

The worldwide success of HBO's adaptation of Game of Thrones has won a legion of fans. This audience is clamoring for related collectibles and merchandise, and Dark Horse Deluxe has been providing it in a steady stream. A core item in the Game of Thrones program is now revealed: an ongoing series of high-quality, affordable, molded plastic figures of the most-asked-for characters. The figures are non-articulated, and are packaged in window box.

PRICE: $22.49 Order ‘Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Figure’ Now

8908Gantz Volume 2 TPB

"Your lives are over. What you do with your new lives is up to me!" This was the warning given to a diverse group of citizens that were teleported to an inescapable condo by an ominous black orb calling itself Gantz. Join best friends Kei and Masaru, the sultry Kishimoto, a stray dog, and the rest of the group as they are unleashed on the streets of Tokyo to face a terrifying onion alien! Will the weapons and strange suits given to them by Gantz prove to be a lifesaver or a death sentence? Now the group has to fight for their lives, even though they are all already dead. * Gantz has been one of the most popular adult manga in recent years with over 175,000 copies sold! * Dark Horse makes Gantz available in English for the first time with its U.S. debut. * Each volume comes shrink-wrapped and carries an 18+ content advisory.
Credits:Oku Hiroya

PRICE: $7.77 Order ‘Gantz Volume 2 TPB’ Now

8908GelaSkins: Weta: Unnatural Selector (13" Laptop)

Over the years, Dark Horse has been committed to incorporating art into our everyday lives through prints, T-shirts, mugs, and a variety of other items that help make this world more colorful. Now Dark Horse is proud to collaborate with GelaSkins to bring over twenty new designs to their line of protective skins for laptops and phones. Our next wave of designs characters from Tim Burton and Weta Collectibles' Dr. Grordbort. The new line of GelaSkins is the perfect way to protect your technology while showing off your signature style.

PRICE: $26.95 Order ‘GelaSkins: Weta: Unnatural Selector (13" Laptop)’ Now

8908Gentlemens Alliance TPB Vol. 07

by Arina Tanemura Determined to make Haine fall in love with him, Takanari tries to win her over at every opportunity. Haine is troubled by her growing feelings for Takanari, but she's even more concerned about her best friend's long list of paramours! Rating: T+"

PRICE: $7.19 Order ‘Gentlemens Alliance TPB Vol. 07’ Now

8908Godzilla Stompus Interruptus Previews Exclusive Chrcl T-Shirt LG

No city is safe from Godzilla, as this destructive t-shirt shows!

PRICE: $15.19 Order ‘Godzilla Stompus Interruptus Previews Exclusive Chrcl T-Shirt LG’ Now

8908Green Lantern #23.2 Mongul (Standard Edition)

Deep in space, an unstoppable force is committing genocide on a galaxy-wide scale, and only the strongest will survive! Be warned, because nothing can prepare you for an all-new Warworld under the absolute rule of the tyrant called Mongul!
Credits:Jim Starlin;Howard Porter;Billy Tan

PRICE: $2.39 Order ‘Green Lantern #23.2 Mongul (Standard Edition)’ Now

8908Green Lantern Corps Vol 01: To Be A Lantern TPB

From the Guardians' citadel on the newly fortified planet Oa, Green Lantern Guy Gardner is assigned – against his will – to a feudal world of shadows and sudden death. And across the galaxy, new Lanterns discover what it truly means to wear the Corps insignia, as their courage and comradeship is tested to the limit.
Credits:Dave Gibbons;Patrick Gleason

PRICE: $11.99 Order ‘Green Lantern Corps Vol 01: To Be A Lantern TPB’ Now

8908Green Lantern: Passing the Torch TPB

The final arc of the GREEN LANTERN run by acclaimed writer Judd Winick is collected in this new trade paperback. With Jade at his side, Kyle Rayner – Green Lantern of Earth – takes to the stars, where he encounters action and intrigue on Oa, home planet of the Guardians of the Universe! This book collects: Green Lantern Vol. 3 #s 156 and 158-161
Credits:Judd Winick;Dale Eaglesham;Rodney Ramos;Moose Baumann

PRICE: $10.36 Order ‘Green Lantern: Passing the Torch TPB’ Now

8908Greenlight Hollywood 1/64 DC Series 5 Inner Cs

Some of the most memorable cars from television and film are recreated with the Hollywood Series 5 Die-Casts from Greenlight! The 1987 Ford Mustang from Ghost, the 1977 Pontiac Trans Am from Old School, the 1979 Pontiac Firebird from Rocky II, the 2008 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor from Twilight, the Channel 4 KVWN San Diego Dodge Van from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, and the 2008 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor from CSI: NY come in individualized, movie-themed packaging and feature serialized chassis, opening hoods with engine detail, authentic wheels and rubber tires. Licensed from the original manufacturers and the studios, these 1/64-scale die-casts are limited in production to 5,500 pieces.

PRICE: $68 Order ‘Greenlight Hollywood 1/64 DC Series 5 Inner Cs’ Now

8908Grimm Fairy Tales #77 (Cover B – Patterson)

Imprisoned by the authorities Sela finds herself lost in a sea of some of the worst criminals in the world. Struggling with the consequences of her actions Sela begins to try and help the select few inmates who deserve a second chance never realizing that deep within the prison itself a powerful being watches from the shadows. From the writer of the Jungle Book comes the newest arc that will have fans talking for months to come. Featuring two incredible homage covers as Zenescope celebrates its seven year anniversary.
Credits:Mark L. Miller;TBD;Tommy Patterson

PRICE: $2.39 Order ‘Grimm Fairy Tales #77 (Cover B – Patterson)’ Now

8908Grimm Fairy Tales Demons Unseen #3 (of 3) (Cover A – Malsuni)

When the most powerful demons in existence combine into one entity, Masumi must abandon everything she loves for the fight to save the world. But is this lone assassin powerful enough to defeat the very embodiment of evil, or will she be destroyed by the demons that have haunted her since childhood? -Unleashed tie-in!
Credits:Patrick Shand;Jason Johnson;Abhishek Malsuni

PRICE: $3.19 Order ‘Grimm Fairy Tales Demons Unseen #3 (of 3) (Cover A – Malsuni)’ Now

8908Grimm Fairy Tales Demons Unseen #3 (of 3) (Cover B – Lilly)

When the most powerful demons in existence combine into one entity, Masumi must abandon everything she loves for the fight to save the world. But is this lone assassin powerful enough to defeat the very embodiment of evil, or will she be destroyed by the demons that have haunted her since childhood? -Unleashed tie-in!
Credits:Patrick Shand;Jason Johnson;Mike Lilly

PRICE: $2.39 Order ‘Grimm Fairy Tales Demons Unseen #3 (of 3) (Cover B – Lilly)’ Now

8908Grimm Fairy Tales Demons Unseen #3 (of 3) (Cover C – Pekar)

When the most powerful demons in existence combine into one entity, Masumi must abandon everything she loves for the fight to save the world. But is this lone assassin powerful enough to defeat the very embodiment of evil, or will she be destroyed by the demons that have haunted her since childhood? -Unleashed tie-in!
Credits:Patrick Shand;Jason Johnson;Joe Pekar

PRICE: $2.39 Order ‘Grimm Fairy Tales Demons Unseen #3 (of 3) (Cover C – Pekar)’ Now

8908Grimm Fairy Tales Different Seasons TPB Vol. 01

Zenescope presents an all new Grimm Fairy Tales trade paperback collection. Different seasons collects some of the series most popular one shots. Included in this special book are the GFT 2009 Annual, GFT 2009 Halloween and Holiday editions and Giant Sized Grimm Fairy Tales #1. This is a must have for fans and collectors of the series.
Credits:Joe Brusha;Ralph Tedesco;Raven Gregory;Romano Molenaar

PRICE: $16.19 Order ‘Grimm Fairy Tales Different Seasons TPB Vol. 01’ Now

8908Grimm Fairy Tales Jungle Book #4 (of 5) (Cover B – Granda)

Written By Mark Miller Cover B By TBA Mowglii and Baloo escapes from the clutches of the insane apes of the island only to find themselves faced against the deadliest creature in all the wild: Kaa, the giant Python. And even the combined strength of Bomani, Mowglii, and Baloo may not be enough to stop him from devouring them all
Credits:Mark L. Miller;Carlos Granda

PRICE: $2.39 Order ‘Grimm Fairy Tales Jungle Book #4 (of 5) (Cover B – Granda)’ Now

8908Grimm Fairy Tales Neverland Age Of Darkness #4 (of 5) (Cover C – Cha)

When everything is on the line, will Nathan Cross and HiboCorp be able to save Neverland from falling under the threat of the Dark Horde? The Dark Queen is bent on getting what she wants, and the only thing standing in her way is Cross. *Age of Darkness Tie-in
Credits:Dan Wickline;Luca Claretti;Keu Cha

PRICE: $2.39 Order ‘Grimm Fairy Tales Neverland Age Of Darkness #4 (of 5) (Cover C – Cha)’ Now

8908Grimm Fairy Tales No Tomorrow #5 (of 5) (Cover C – Massafera)

The stunning conclusion to Zenescope's epic horror/fantasy series is HERE! As the world teeters on the brink of the apocalypse itself, Patrick sets out to bring an end to Keres reign of terror no matter what the price. But in order to defeat death itself he may have to become the very thing he fears most. With the fate of the world in the balance will Patrick rise to the challenge and destroy the Grimm Reaper or will this truly be the day…with No Tomorrow?
Credits:Raven Gregory;TBD;Felipe Massafera

PRICE: $2.69 Order ‘Grimm Fairy Tales No Tomorrow #5 (of 5) (Cover C – Massafera)’ Now

8908Halo Fall Of Reach Prem HC Boot Camp

This is where it all began. Before he was Master Chief, he was John – a boy stolen from his parents and conscripted into the SPARTAN II program on the fortress world of Reach. These are desperate times in the human colonies, with galactic civil war just a heartbeat away, and only Dr. Catherine Halsey understands the terrible price humanity must pay to keep from destroying itself. Brian Reed (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN PRESENTS: AMERICAN SON), and Felix Ruiz (MARVEL BOY: THE URANIAN) bring you an adaptation of the best-selling novel HALO: FALL OF REACH by Eric Nylund.
Credits:Brian Reed;Felix Ruiz;Phil Noto

PRICE: $17.99 Order ‘Halo Fall Of Reach Prem HC Boot Camp’ Now

8908Haunted Mansion Vol. 1 Welcome Foolish Mortal HC

by Various Destined to be a highly sought after item for Disney collectors, The Haunted Mansion Volume One: Welcome Foolish Mortals! collects stories from the first six issues of the comic book series based on the classic Disney attraction. Produced to look like a book that would be found on a shelf in the famous manse with an imitation leather, gold foil stamped cover and deckled edges, the book itself will look like a spooky old tome filled with stories about the mansion. Featuring an introduction by the Ghost Host himself, the book boasts work by Roman Dirge, Eric Jones, Drew Rausch and many more! Comes packaged in a box slip case featuring a laminated full-color cover on one side and a gallery of covers from the first six issues on the other."

PRICE: $39.96 Order ‘Haunted Mansion Vol. 1 Welcome Foolish Mortal HC’ Now

8908Haunted Tank TPB

The Haunted Tank is back in action in this collection of the 5-issue miniseries. African-American tank commander Jamal Stuart has his 21st century war ride in full battle rattle and is ready for anything – anything except the spirit of Confederate Civil War General J.E.B. Stuart!
Credits:Frank Marraffino;Henry Flint

PRICE: $11.99 Order ‘Haunted Tank TPB’ Now

8908Haunting Refrain GN

Haunting Refrain is a ghost story within a ghost story within a ghost story. When the ghost from an old campfire story begins killing Bongo Brasher's family and friends, Bongo is increasingly drawn into the ghost's world until the ghost encourages him to settle old scores by becoming a killer himself.
Credits:Greg Smith;Ulises Carpintero;Melissa Pagluica

PRICE: $4.79 Order ‘Haunting Refrain GN’ Now

8908Havoc Brigade TPB

In the near future Europe is a war-ravaged wasteland locked in decades of conflict, but a new hope comes with the creation of an elite squad of man-powered machines, the Havoc Brigade! After ending the war and bringing a new era of peace to the world, the Havoc Brigade was forced to retire. But when the former commander steals the military's latest Havoc-class prototype and murders the only other surviving member of the Havoc Brigade must now go toe-to-toe with his mentor and stop him from leading terrorist in igniting another world war!
Credits:Neal Marshall Stevens;John Bosco

PRICE: $10.39 Order ‘Havoc Brigade TPB’ Now

8908Hawkgirl Hath Set TPB – nick & dent

In this volume, Hawkman and Hawkgirl search for Hath-Set, the Egyptian priest who, like them, has been reincarnated throughout time, always finding new ways to torment them. After centuries, can they destroy Hath-Set, thus breaking the curse and freeing them to be together?
Credits:Walter Simonson;Renato Arlem;Dennis Calero

PRICE: $8.99 Order ‘Hawkgirl Hath Set TPB – nick & dent’ Now

8908Hawkgirl TPB – Hawkman Returns

The evil Blackfire has made her way to Earth to eliminate Hawkgirl – as she did Hawkwoman – bringing the Rann/Thanagar War very close to home! And worse Hawkgirl has evidence that Blackfire has already killed Hawkman.
Credits:Walter Simonson;Joe Bennett;Renato Arlem

PRICE: $14.39 Order ‘Hawkgirl TPB – Hawkman Returns’ Now

8908Hawkgirl TPB – The Maw

With Hawkman gone, Hawkgirl is on her own and trying to make a name for herself in St. Roch. But when strange things keep happening in her personal life, is it all a dream, or has she awakened an ancient horror deep beneath the walls of St. Roch Museum?
Credits:Walter Simonson;Howard Chaykin

PRICE: $14.39 Order ‘Hawkgirl TPB – The Maw’ Now

8908Hawkman By Geoff Johns Omnibus HC Vol. 01

Geoff Johns's complete, acclaimed run on HAWKMAN are collected in hardcover for the first time! These stories, also featuring the talents of James Robinson, Rags Morales, Patrick Gleason and many others, reintroduced Hawkman into the DCU as he tries to reunite with Hawkgirl. But with no memory of their past lives together, Kendra wants nothing to do with Hawkman – that is, until she learns that the deaths of her parents years ago were actually murders, and she is forced to enlist Hawkman's help in unlocking the mystery and finding their killer!
Credits:Geoff Johns, James Robinson, Patrick Gleason, Rags Morales, Scot Eaton, Don Kramer, Ethan Van Sciver, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Andrew Robinson

PRICE: $60 Order ‘Hawkman By Geoff Johns Omnibus HC Vol. 01’ Now

8908Heathentown GN (New Printing)

A new printing of the horrific hit! Anna travels deep within the Florida Everglades to attend her lover's funeral, but finds an eerie small town where death is but a horrible beginning! In an attempt to discover the truth, she digs up her lover's coffin, starting a chain reaction which brings an ancient malevolence into the town… bent on her destruction!
Credits:Corinna Sara Bechko;Gabriel Hardman

PRICE: $10.39 Order ‘Heathentown GN (New Printing)’ Now

8908Heavens Hell SC

This book explores the world of Heaven's Hell, a place that takes place in the afterlife. The premise is that when you die, your spirit or soul is transported to another realm of being. The life you were living before was a test to prepare you for the afterlife. Because in your new life, you will have to fight, not only for your survival, but also for rewards. Sometimes it's for good, sometimes for bad, helping to illuminate the existence of miracles and tragic disasters throughout all religious history. Follow top educator Anthony Jones on his adventure of creating a fascinating place where imagination has no bounds.
Credits:Anthony Jones

PRICE: $19.96 Order ‘Heavens Hell SC’ Now

8908Heavens War TPB New Printing

BACK IN PRINT! 1938: J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis are called upon by eccentric fellow fantasist Charles Williams to join him against occultist Aleister Crowley. Crowley seeks an entrance into the Heavenly realms with the intent of manipulating the angelic battles that shape human history and thus mold the world according to his will. Their conflict with Crowley will take this trio of authors – part of the writer's group 'the Inklings' – to the very edge of Heaven and one of the Inklings outside time itself!
Credits:Micah Harris;Michael Gaydos

PRICE: $13.59 Order ‘Heavens War TPB New Printing’ Now

8908Hellboy: The Midnight Circus HC

Young Hellboy runs away from the B.P.R.D. only to stumble upon a weird and fantastical circus and the few demons from Hell who inhabit it. * Cover and story by Mike Mignola! * Duncan Fegredo returns! * An original graphic novel in hardcover! "In the world of Hellboy , the stony hand that Hellboy uses to clobber opponents is called the Right Hand of Doom. For cartoonist and creator Mike Mignola, his right-hand man for doing Hellboy these days could be considered Duncan Fegredo." -Newsarama
Credits:Mike Mignola;Duncan Fegredo;Dave Stewart

PRICE: $13.49 Order ‘Hellboy: The Midnight Circus HC’ Now

8908Human Target Second Chances TPB

Christopher Chance, a.k.a. The Human Target, from the aftermath of 9/11 to baseball steroid cover-ups; from reemerging 1960s radicals to an aging con man looking for that last taste of freedom, as he goes undercover in his most gripping stories yet. MATURE READERS
Credits:Peter Milligan;Cliff Chiang;Javier Pulido

PRICE: $15.99 Order ‘Human Target Second Chances TPB’ Now

8908Ikigami Ultimate Limit GN Vol. 04

Can a death messenger have a personal life?
Credits:Motoro Mase

PRICE: $10.39 Order ‘Ikigami Ultimate Limit GN Vol. 04’ Now

8908Its The Life In Hell 2014 12 Month Calendar

You are not alone! Experience another year of your life in Hell with fellow sufferer and pop cultural pundit Matt Groening. Let Binky, Bongo, Akbar, and Jeff guide you through another year of perilous pitfalls and menacing missteps, and along the way be enlightened by trivial but significant sensory-filling recommendations that will enrich your life!
Credits:Matt Groening

PRICE: $12.59 Order ‘Its The Life In Hell 2014 12 Month Calendar’ Now

8908Its The Life In Hell 2015 12 Month Calendar

Matt Groening's beloved Life In Hell will amuse you throughout the year!
Credits:Matt Groening

PRICE: $11.19 Order ‘Its The Life In Hell 2015 12 Month Calendar’ Now

8908Kato Origins TPB Vol. 02 Hellfire Club

Written by Jai Nitz Art and Cover by Colton Worley From the pages of Green Hornet: Year One comes the solo adventures of Kato! Kato travels to New York, and the infamous Hellfire Club, to sniff out a story for the Sentinel, Kato goes undercover as Siamese prince to unearth an illegal business collusion from some of the East Coast's richest families, but when a prominent businessman is murdered in a closed room, everyone becomes a suspect. This looks like a job for a ninja crime fighter!
Credits:Jai Nitz;Colton Worley

PRICE: $15.99 Order ‘Kato Origins TPB Vol. 02 Hellfire Club’ Now

8908Krampus #3

Hunting through the desert for an unmarked grave, the Krampus is stalked by a notorious historical figure, reborn into the world of Sugar Plum Fairies and flying reindeer.
Credits:Brian Joines;Dean Kotz

PRICE: $2.69 Order ‘Krampus #3’ Now

8908Legend Of Oz Wicked West TPB Vol. 01

Take a trip back over the rainbow to an Oz you never knew existed. Dorothy Gale slips on her ruby spurs after falling out of the sky and is sent off to follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City. The only problem is the road is gone. This volume collects the smash hit mini-series where Oz itself has been transformed into a wild west landscape. Flying monkeys and scarecrows still walk the plains of Oz, but in ways you would never have imagined. Features a foreword by L. Frank Baum's great-great grandson, Marc Baum.
Credits:Tom Hutchison;Alisson Borges

PRICE: $14.39 Order ‘Legend Of Oz Wicked West TPB Vol. 01’ Now

8908Legend Of Oz Wicked West TPB Vol. 02

Dorothy Gale and the Wicked Witch of the West have disappeared. Months have past since their face to face meeting and no one in Oz knows the outcome. Now it is up to Gale's friends, The Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion to find out just what happened. Collects issues #1-5. It's Oz as you have never seen it before!
Credits:Tom Hutchison;Alisson Borges

PRICE: $14.39 Order ‘Legend Of Oz Wicked West TPB Vol. 02’ Now

8908Lego Ninjago Warrior Bike

Lord Garmadon's warrior is in hot pursuit of Jay and the elemental lightning blade! If the warrior takes it to the underworld, the ninjas will never be able to unite the 4 elemental blades and awaken the golden mech to stop Lord Garmadon forever! Help Jay to outrun the Warrior Bike's quick-fire missile launcher by firing up his rocketpack and escape! Includes 2 minifigures with weapons: Jay and warrior Quick-fire flick missile launcher, big wheels and cool red track tire Weapons include elemental lightning blade, 2 ninja swords, katana and a scimitar Measures over 5 inches (15cm) high, 7 inches (20cm) long and 4 inches (12cm) wide

PRICE: $19.99 Order ‘Lego Ninjago Warrior Bike’ Now

8908Marvel Universe Thor Digest TPB

ï The Executioner, Asgard's most merciless warrior, is one of Thor's deadliest foes – but perhaps their strangest battle took placeÖon a pirate ship!? ï When Thor is called home, Nova the Human Rocket hitches a ride – only to find Asgard in danger with an imposter on the throne! ï When Thor and Valkyrie plunge into the Asgardian underworld on a dreadful mission, why do they bring Nova along? ï Odin decides switches his sons' weapons to see whether Loki is worthy of Thor's hammer! ï All this, and Thor's classic Silver Age debut! Collecting MARVEL ADVENTURES SUPER HEROES (2010) #6, #8 and #13; and material from MARVEL ADVENTURES SUPER HEROES (2010) #19 and JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY (1952) #83.
Credits:Paul Tobin;Ronan Cliquet;Stephen Segovia

PRICE: $7.49 Order ‘Marvel Universe Thor Digest TPB’ Now

8908Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya GN Vol. 11

Trapped on the snowy mountain by both a storm and a supernatural forces that have cut off Yuki from the Data Overmind, Kyon is roused from sleep by Asahina slowly unbuttoning her nightshirt as she climbs into his bed! Kyon realizes it cannot possibly be the real Asahina (darn!) and though he doesn't mind the house's tricks, he and the Brigade have to crack the code and escape fast before Yuki's fever gets out of control.
Credits:Nagaru Tanigawa;Gaku Tsugano;Noizi Ito

PRICE: $9.59 Order ‘Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya GN Vol. 11’ Now

8908Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya GN Vol. 12

Kyon knew it was only a matter of time before he would have to return to December 18th of the previous year, to the three days when the SOS Brigade and his supernatural friends suddenly disappeared. Back then, Kyon was cruelly stabbed by alien rogue Ryouko Asakura and nearly bled out on the school roof. How will he fare this time around?
Credits:Nagaru Tanigawa;Gaku Tsugano;Noizi Ito

PRICE: $9.59 Order ‘Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya GN Vol. 12’ Now

8908Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya GN Vol. 13

With the threat of disbandment hanging over their heads, the SOS Brigade, after months of squatting in the Literature Club's clubroom, puts pen to paper and starts writing some literature of their own! The Brigade has exactly one week to create a literature antholology if they want to keep the Lit Club's space from being reallocated by the student council. As each member prepares his or her contribution, Supreme Editor in Chief Harhi keeps a watchful eye on her team, especially as Kyon's assigned romance story unfolds!
Credits:Nagaru Tanigawa;Gaku Tsugano;Noizi Ito

PRICE: $9.59 Order ‘Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya GN Vol. 13’ Now

8908Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya GN Vol. 14

Guided only by a series of notes that direct him to do the most inexplicable things – 'Buy a small turtle and throw it into the lake' – Kyon and the Mikuru from eight days in the future complete the assigned tasks, hoping that things will become clear as the SOS Brigade's adventures for that week continue. But Kyon and Mikuru's scavenger hunt soon turns to a manhunt when Mikuru is kidnapped by a group of rogue espers, time travelers, and aliens!
Credits:Nagaru Tanigawa;Gaku Tsugano;Noizi Ito

PRICE: $9.59 Order ‘Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya GN Vol. 14’ Now

8908Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya GN Vol. 15

As a member of the SOS Brigade, Kyon has had his fair share of close encounters (of the bizarre kind). But as Mikuru the Elder's scavenger hunt sends Kyon and 'Michiru' into trouble, Kyon realizes that the scope of his friends' supernatural connections are far beyond what even he could ever have imagined – and far more dangerous.
Credits:Nagaru Tanigawa;Gaku Tsugano;Noizi Ito

PRICE: $9.59 Order ‘Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya GN Vol. 15’ Now

8908Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya GN Vol. 17

Welcome to Japan's hottest property and the international phenomenon known as Haruhi-ism! A New York Times-bestselling series! One weekend, when Kyon reaches the usual SOS Brigade rendezvous spot, he is met not by his fellow club members, but instead by Sasaki, an old friend from middle school. Haruhi isn't thrilled to find Kyon already waiting when she arrives (Who's going to buy drinks?) and is even less thrilled by his attractive female friend!
Credits:Nagaru Tanigawa;Gaku Tsugano;Noizi Ito

PRICE: $10.4 Order ‘Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya GN Vol. 17’ Now

8908Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol. 05 GN

Poor Kyon has resigned himself to his duties in the SOS Brigade – that is, to keeping Haruhi occupied, lest in her boredom she destroy the world! School's out for the summer, so they'll have to work overtime to keep the ignorant goddess entertained. But will summer festivals and swimming pools be enough to appease her? Or will her longing for a supernatural excitement land the SOS Brigade in their most dangerous caper yet?
Credits:Nagaru Tanigawa;Noizi Ito;Gaku Tsugano

PRICE: $8.79 Order ‘Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol. 05 GN’ Now

8908Melancholy Of Mechagirl Novel

A collection of some of Catherynne Valente's most admired stories, including the Hugo Award-nominated novella Silently and Very Fast and the Locus Award finalist '13 Ways of Looking at Space/Time,' with a brand-new long story to anchor the collection. Age Rating: T
Credits:Catherynne Valente;Yuu Watase

PRICE: $11.99 Order ‘Melancholy Of Mechagirl Novel’ Now

8908Melancholy Of Suzmiya Haruhi Chan GN Vol. 02

It's another crazy-exciting day for Haruhi-chan and the SOS Brigade! Haruhi-chan never runs out of ideas for fun new activities with the SOS Brigade (attendance mandatory). It's a busy time for everyone: going to the beach, taking scenic hikes, moongazing in sexy bunny-girl outfits?!? What will Haruhi think of next? You'll find plenty of gags and guffaws as Haruhi dives into the world of four-panel and short comics!
Credits:Nagaru Tanigawa;Noizi Ito;Puyo

PRICE: $8.79 Order ‘Melancholy Of Suzmiya Haruhi Chan GN Vol. 02’ Now

8908Melancholy Of Suzmiya Haruhi Chan GN Vol. 03

If you thought the SOS Brigade's adventures couldn't get any more outrageous, you've never met Haruhi-Chan! Nagato has gone otaku! Asakura is her pint-size prisoner/plaything! MARVELMAN #45-54 Mikuru's so cute she turns into a sheep! You'll find plenty of gags and guffaws as Haruhi dives into the world four panel and short comics!
Credits:Nagaru Tanigawa;Noizi Ito;Puyo

PRICE: $9.59 Order ‘Melancholy Of Suzmiya Haruhi Chan GN Vol. 03’ Now

8908Melancholy Of Suzumiya Haruhi Chan GN Vol. 04

(W) Noizi Ito, Nagaru Tanigawa (A) Puyo Normally April Fool's Day is a time for good-natured pranks, but with Haruhi's power, any trick she pulls could threaten reality as we know it! While Koizumi struggles to organize the SOS Brigade to prepare for her antics, Haruhi is busy thinking up ways to recruit new members! Given the supernatural crowd already gathered in the clubroom, who knows what type of person Haruhi will summon to the SOS Brigade next? If anyone shows up at all!
Credits:Nagaru Tanigawa;Noizi Ito;Puyo

PRICE: $9.59 Order ‘Melancholy Of Suzumiya Haruhi Chan GN Vol. 04’ Now

8908Melancholy Of Suzumiya Haruhi Chan GN Vol. 05

It's another new year, and we all know what that means – time for Kyon's first dream of the year! Once again, lucky(?) omens hawk, eggplant, and Mount Fuji (played respectively by Tsuruya, Nagato, and Koizumi) make an appearance, but their promise of fortune never seems to play out for Kyon. All he ever gets is fresh year of Haruhi-chan's antics! The SOS Brigade goes miniature, Koizumi's trying out a new look, and everyone seems intent on getting Kyon into a dress!
Credits:Nagaru Tanigawa;Puyo;Noizi Ito

PRICE: $9.59 Order ‘Melancholy Of Suzumiya Haruhi Chan GN Vol. 05’ Now

8908Muv-luv Alt Te Inia Ani-statue Plug Suit Ver

From Kotobukiya! Kotobukiya proudly presents an all-new Ani*Statue version of the Russian test pilot from the popular Muv-Luv Alternative side story Total Eclipse, INIA SESTINA PLUG SUIT VER.! An esper and survivor of Alternative III, Inia returns in her full plug suit gear, recuperating after a major battle. Seated on a pile of debris, the pilot rests on one hand while looking curiously off to the side, her long, beautiful hair waving behind her. Inia's distinctive body-hugging two-tone blue plug suit is intricately sculpted with armored sections, heavy boots, high-tech protrusions, creases, and more. The pilot and esper is 6 ½ inches tall sitting down (1/7 scale) on the georama base as she looks at you with her huge blue eyes. Display her on her own or together with Muv-Luv Plug Suit Ver. Cryska Barchenowa and Yui Takamura with their interlocking bases! © Koki Yoshimune-ixtl / TV TOKYO / ALTERNATIVE 1st Project

PRICE: $80.99 Order ‘Muv-luv Alt Te Inia Ani-statue Plug Suit Ver’ Now

8908Muv-luv Alt Te Su-47pzx1 Berkut Plastic Model Kit

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese Import! Standing over 5 inches tall fully assembled in 1/144-scale, the Berkut is a great addition ot the Muv Luv lineup! The Berkut's red coloring with purple and gray highlights comes in pre-colored plastic. Features include interchangeable weapon parts and multiple points of articulation.

PRICE: $31.99 Order ‘Muv-luv Alt Te Su-47pzx1 Berkut Plastic Model Kit’ Now

8908Muzz TPB

There is heaven and hell for those dearly departed remembered by the living, but muZz is the place where unspoken, untold dreams and secrets go when those who made and hid them expired. On the train heading towards muZz, a girl wakes up and finds herself unable to remember anything about herself and surrounded odd creatures. From Nightmares & Fairy Tales co-creator Foo Swee Chin comes this new graphic novel filled with the vivid imagery only she can deliver.
Credits:Foo Swee Chin

PRICE: $11.96 Order ‘Muzz TPB’ Now

8908My 1st Graphic Novel – Bus Ride Bully – nick & dent

Gavin hates riding the bus. Max, the bus bully, is always picking on him. But when Max is gone for a few days, Gavin starts to worry. Does Gavin actually miss the bus bully?
Credits:Cary Meister;Remy Simard

PRICE: $2.99 Order ‘My 1st Graphic Novel – Bus Ride Bully – nick & dent’ Now

8908My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #14

Swashbuckling and mutiny abound! From a mysterious map to a moody captain, our heroes sure have their hoofs full! The ponies are hot on the trail of Hoofbeard's long lost treasure – but can they stand him long enough to find it? Find out in this action-packed issue of My Little Pony!
Credits:Heather Nuhfer;Brenda Hickey

PRICE: $3.59 Order ‘My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #14’ Now

8908My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #15 (Retailer 10 Copy Incentive Variant Cover Edition)

Things are getting positively bookish in Ponyville! When a magical bookworm starts to cause some literary mischief, it's only a matter of time before things start to get out of hoof! It's up to our ponies to set things right… but will they want to when Daring Do shows up? This variant cover edition comes bagged and boarded.
Credits:Heather Nuhfer;Amy Mebberson;Ben Bates

PRICE: $6.29 Order ‘My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #15 (Retailer 10 Copy Incentive Variant Cover Edition)’ Now

8908My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic 100 Penny Press #1

The story that started Pony comic book-mania returns for an affordable price! The perfect place to jump on to the My Little Pony bandwagon!
Credits:Katie Cook;Andy Price

PRICE: $0.9 Order ‘My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic 100 Penny Press #1’ Now

8908Nbx Jack Vampire Teddy 7 Inch Plush

Revisit the enchanting world of Tim Burton's beloved fantasy The Nightmare Before Christmas with a new series of cuddly 7" plushes from Funko! These plushes of Jack Skellington, Sally, Vampire Teddy, Oogie Boogie, and Santa Jack have a cute retro ragdoll style. Collect your favorite characters – or collect them all!

PRICE: $9.59 Order ‘Nbx Jack Vampire Teddy 7 Inch Plush’ Now

8908New Warriors Omnibus HC Vol. 01 Young Cover

Young, idealistic heroes Marvel Boy, Firestar, Nova, Namorita, Speedball and the mysterious Night Thrasher join forces as the New Warriors – determined to make a difference and fight the kinds of crime other heroes won't touch! But as the naïve Warriors dig deeper into a world of grey areas and moral compromises, can they maintain their youthful ideals? And with foes like Terrax, the Juggernaut, Psionex, the Punisher, the Sphinx and more – along with a shocking threat from within – can they even stay alive? Guest-starring Thor, X-Force, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and more!
Credits:Various;Skottie Young

PRICE: $79.99 Order ‘New Warriors Omnibus HC Vol. 01 Young Cover’ Now

8908Nexus Archives Volume 7 HC

The Merk is restless, dissatisfied with Nexus's performance as champion and executioner since the massacre on Mars. The fallout from that incident is just beginning: Of the two Quatros responsible, Sinclair has disappeared, and Kreed is being tracked by two Gucci assassins hired by the Martian government. The Merk now psychically reaches out to Michana–the youngest daughter of the late General Loomis, bent on revenge. Nexus doesn't have the luxury of worrying about any of this, though . . . the artificial black hole known as the Gravity Well is on the verge of collapse, which endangers the entire solar system! He and Judah Maccabee set out to appeal to the one creature who can manipulate black holes . . . Ashram, resident of the Bowl-Shaped World. The only time the duo encountered this strange world, they were with the likewise bizarre Badger! And speak of the devil . . .
Credits:Mike Baron;Steve Rude

PRICE: $29.97 Order ‘Nexus Archives Volume 7 HC’ Now

8908Nightmare On Elm St Toaster

He terrorized your dreams while you slept… and now Freddy Krueger haunts your breakfast when you wake up! But don't worry — while the Springwood Slasher may have felt the burn, your bread and bagels will only endure the perfect amount of heat, toasting the shape of Freddy's signature bladed glove into each slice. UL-tested and approved, our collectible toaster includes illuminated function buttons for Cancel, Reheat, and Frozen. The Nightmare on Elm Street logo appears on its stylish, glossy black finish. Watch out – it's the bastard toast of a thousand loafs!

PRICE: $55.99 Order ‘Nightmare On Elm St Toaster’ Now

8908Nightmare World TPB Vol. 02 Leave The Light On

An Irish sailor, stranded at sea with his pregnant wife, makes a gruesome pact in an attempt to save the soul of his unborn child. A ghostly samurai demands revenge for his untimely death. A giant gorilla and a monstrous radioactive lizard must decide to join forces or die trying. Welcome to Nightmare World. EC Comics meets The Twilight Zone once more in Nightmare World: The Same Deep Water As You and other Stories of Suspense. This second volume of the popular anthology series collects thirteen more self-contained horror and dark fantasy stories.
Credits:Dirk Manning;Kristen Perry

PRICE: $11.99 Order ‘Nightmare World TPB Vol. 02 Leave The Light On’ Now

8908Pathfinder Module Murders Mark

The circus has come to town! But rather than herald a time of festive joy and exotic entertainment, this normally wondrous event instead heralds a sudden rash of violent murders. The folk who run the circus claim innocence, but as the murder spree continues, the town's patience swiftly wears thin and the threat of mob justice looms near. Desperate for aid in a town that's forbidden them to leave before an opportunity for justice presents itself, the carnies turn to adventurers for aid-can they find the culprit before the murderer finds them? This Pathfinder adventure is for a group of four 1st-level characters, and takes place in the heartland of Varisia, a region featured in many beloved adventures!

PRICE: $11.19 Order ‘Pathfinder Module Murders Mark’ Now

8908Regular Show Skips #2 (of 6)

This vacation isn't what it seems and Skips is starting to think there is a lot more going on with the tourists then just fanny packs and sunscreen. Will he be able to figure out what is really going on before his day suddenly repeats? Join Skips in this crazy adventure…that just might never end.
Credits:Madeline Rupert

PRICE: $3.59 Order ‘Regular Show Skips #2 (of 6)’ Now

8908Rin-ne GN Vol. 11

Sakura eats some special candy and loses her ability to sense and see ghosts! Although she's happy for a break, unfortunately she becomes the target of the A-1 Grand Prix, an annual contest for evil spirits! Later, Rinne confronts an icy ghost in the middle of summer, and crosses paths with the Level 6 Black Cat Kurosu!
Credits:Rumiko Takahashi

PRICE: $7.99 Order ‘Rin-ne GN Vol. 11’ Now

8908Robert Jordan Wheel Of Time Eye of the World #19

Cover: Andie Tong Writer: Robert Jordan, Chuck Dixon Artist: Andie Tong Colorist: Nicolas Chapuis The Wheel of Time continues to turn! Perrin, Egwene, and Elyas flee across open ground with fewer and fewer places to hide while trying to stay ahead from the increasing numbers of murderous ravens hot on their trail. The race is on to reach the safety of the stedding before sunset in the next chapter of Robert Jordan's fantasy masterpiece, The Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World!
Credits:Chuck Dixon;Robert Jordan;Andie Tong;Chapuis

PRICE: $3.19 Order ‘Robert Jordan Wheel Of Time Eye of the World #19’ Now

8908Roy Rogers Archives HC

Happy Trails! Roy Rogers rides again in this deluxe volume presenting the earliest comic-book adventures of America's favorite Western star! Return to the heyday of the West, when Roy Rogers, with his golden palomino Trigger, conquered the American frontier one thrilling act of daring-do at a time! Pop culture icon, hero to generations of boys and girls, and the straightest-shooting, fastest-riding cowboy of them all, Roy Rogers left an indelible mark on the American landscape. These classic comics, in a handsome hardcover edition fit for the "King of the Cowboys," are a perfect way to experience the excitement, humor, and romance that captivated millions. * Volume One collects: Dell Four-Color Comic #38, 63, 86, 95, and 109.

PRICE: $29.97 Order ‘Roy Rogers Archives HC’ Now

8908Saga of the Seven Suns TPB: Veiled Alliances

As the human race expands into the stars, they find themselves caught up in the politics and long-standing feuds of several powerful alien races.
Credits:Kevin J. Anderson;Robert Teranishi;Wendy Fouts-Broome;Steven Youll

PRICE: $10.77 Order ‘Saga of the Seven Suns TPB: Veiled Alliances’ Now

8908Savage Sword of Conan Volume 12 TPB

"I side with myself." The fierce reputation of the barbarian warrior Conan grows throughout the lands of Hyboria, with kings and conquerors alike willing to pay a fortune for the fearsome Cimmerian's broadsword. But when warring factions are both willing to secure Conan's services, they discover that they can buy a mercenary's blade but never his allegiance. Collects Marvel's The Savage Sword of Conan the Barbarian #121-#130. * Over 500 story pages, value priced. * Check out the new Dark Horse Conan series from Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan!
Credits:Don Kraar, Larry Yakata, Jim Owsley;Mike Docherty;Fraja Bator;Gary Kwapisz, Ernie Chan, Rudy Nebres;Doug Beekman

PRICE: $11.99 Order ‘Savage Sword of Conan Volume 12 TPB’ Now

8908Shadow #17 (Retailer 15 Copy Incentive Variant Cover Edition)

The Shadow has pieced together the origins of the mysterious killer known only as the Light, and has at last uncovered her true identity. But will that knowledge do him any good, as the Shadow and the Light face off against each other for one last showdown? And will either of them survive the encounter? this variant cover edition comes bagged and boarded.
Credits:Chris Roberson;Giovanni Timpano;Alex Ross

PRICE: $5.99 Order ‘Shadow #17 (Retailer 15 Copy Incentive Variant Cover Edition)’ Now

8908Shadow #17 (Subscription Cover – Bradstreet )

An exclusive Tim Bradstreet cover!
Credits:Chris Roberson;Giovanni Timpano;Tim Bradstreet

PRICE: $2.39 Order ‘Shadow #17 (Subscription Cover – Bradstreet )’ Now

8908Smurfs Box Set Vol. 4-6

Volumes 4 through 6 collected into one boxed set with close to 150 pages of comics! Includes The Smurfette, The Smurfs and the Egg, The Smurfs and the Howlibird.

PRICE: $14.39 Order ‘Smurfs Box Set Vol. 4-6’ Now

8908Soc Gx-59 Daltanious Action Figure

From Tamashii Nations. Newly reissued for North American collectors! Tamashii Nations is proud to announce a reissue of the Soul of Chogokin GX-49 Daltanious diecast robot. The 1979-80 Future Robo Daltanious anime revolutionized the giant robot genre as the first combining robot to have an animal component as well as the first to feature a lion's head on its chest. Capturing all the combining and transforming features of Daltanious: Delfighter detaches and reconnects to the main robot Atlaus. Missile firing unit attaches to Beralios back. The spaceship Gunper features authentically replicated power hands. A full array of weapon accessories are also included. Figure stands 10 1/2" tall.

PRICE: $239.99 Order ‘Soc Gx-59 Daltanious Action Figure’ Now

8908Society Is Nix American Comic Strip 1895-1915 HC

From The Yellow Kid to the Captain and the Kids, these are the origins of the American comic strip, created at a time when there were no set styles or formats, when artistic anarchy helped spawn a new medium. This books features the earliest offerings (1895 to 1915) from the famous and lesser-known cartoonists who where there when comics were born; over 150 creations from more then 50 superb artists, most reprinted for the first time ever. And all in the original broadsheet size and brilliant colors. NOTE: Some content may be considered racially offensive, but is included in this book as an essential part of comics history.
Credits:Peter Maresca;Various;James Swinnerton

PRICE: $100 Order ‘Society Is Nix American Comic Strip 1895-1915 HC’ Now

8908Sock Monkey Treasury HC

A TREASURY OF ALL THINGS SOCK MONKEY! Tony Millionaire's Sock Monkey is one of the great all-ages comics properties of the new millennium, spawning plush dolls, TV appearances, lunch boxes, Zippo lighters and more. Now, for the first time, all twelve of multiple Eisner Award-winner Tony Millionaire's acclaimed Sock Monkey all-ages comic books (1998-2007, originally published by Dark Horse Comics) are collected under one cover, as well as the full-color graphic novella 'Uncle Gabby' (2004) and the full-color illustrated storybook, 'The Glass Doorknob' (2002), ready to be devoured by a new generation of young readers. The precocious sock monkey Uncle Gabby and his innocent pal Mr. Crow are the heroes of this funny, unsettling and endearing collection. Follow them as they try to find a home for a shrunken head, play matchmakers between the bat in the doll's house and the mouse in the basement, unlock the mysteries of a glass doorknob, hunt salamanders, try to get to heaven, and much……
Credits:Tony Millionaire

PRICE: $35.99 Order ‘Sock Monkey Treasury HC’ Now

8908Space Family Robinson Archives Volume 3 HC – nick & dent

Between the fourteen-legged metal eaters, a prison break of shape-shifting Dreephars, and flying manta ray-like creatures, life is never dull for America's first outer-space family! But while the lost Robinsons continue their interstellar journey to return home, swords and sorcery meet science fiction as the familial explorers team-up with medieval knights and return to Earth . . . in the twelfth century! Collects Space Family Robinson comics #15-#22. * Includes the beautiful, original painted covers by George Wilson!
Credits:Gaylord DuBois;Dan Spiegle

PRICE: $24.99 Order ‘Space Family Robinson Archives Volume 3 HC – nick & dent’ Now

8908Spawn Origins TPB Vol. 15

Spawn: Origins Vol. 15 is the latest addition to the ever-expanding classic Spawn trade paperback program. Collecting classic issues written by Brian Holguin with artist Greg Capullo providing legendary pencil work. Angels and demons are making dealsÖ and Spawn want no part. He embarks on his own mission of vengeance against the scum of the city, punishing and purging doers of evil–old and young alike. Relive the excitement of one of the best-selling independent comics of all time and grow your Spawn: Origins TP collection!
Credits:Brian Holguin;Greg Capullo;Clayton Crain

PRICE: $11.99 Order ‘Spawn Origins TPB Vol. 15’ Now

8908Spider-Man One Moment In Time TPB – nick & dent

Once upon a time, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson gave up their marriage to save Aunt May's life. Now, the story of what really happened on their wedding day can be told! What were the words Mary Jane whispered to Mephisto? How did Aunt May survive? And how did the events of those dramatic days change the relationship between Peter and MJ forever? The controversial storyline 'One More Day' left behind many questions, and 'One Moment in Time' has all the answers! Rated A
Credits:Joe Quesada;Paolo Rivera

PRICE: $9.99 Order ‘Spider-Man One Moment In Time TPB – nick & dent’ Now

8908Spider-Man TPB Dying Wish

A dying wish for revenge! Dr. Octopus was given a year to live, his body and brain in terminal decline after a lifetime of brutal battles with his arch-foe Spider-Man. So the brilliant madman used that time as you might expect. First, he mobilized an army of Octobots to take over Manhattan. Then, he assembled six sinister super villains to abduct Norman Osborn's child. Finally, he pursued Spider-Man to the ends of the Earth while threatening to burn the planet to a cinder. And each time, his ambitious plans ended in failure. Or did they? Were his defeats further proof of his madness — or his genius? With Dr. Octopus just hours from death, Spider-Man is about to learn the answer, as one of his oldest enemies turns the tables on him with a dying wish that spells doom for Peter Parker and everyone he loves!
Credits:Dan Slott;Humberto Ramos

PRICE: $17.99 Order ‘Spider-Man TPB Dying Wish’ Now

8908Spirit Movie Snow Globe

One of the most anticipated new films of the year is Frank Miller's movie adaptation of Will Eisner's comic strip The Spirit , opening Christmas Day. Dark Horse is happy to celebrate the forthcoming release with some very sophisticated limited-edition pieces based on the characters as they appear in the film. The continual snowfall is a graphic theme in The Spirit , as it has often been in Frank Miller's graphic stories, and creates a visual atmosphere that oozes drama. Therefore, it was not hard to imagine a beautiful snow globe that would capture and reproduce the effect. Crafting the miniature environment was a technical challenge for Dark Horse and sculptors Kolby Jukes and Oluf Hartvigson, but the result is a unique collectible that is fascinating.
Credits:Dark Horse Deluxe

PRICE: $59.99 Order ‘Spirit Movie Snow Globe’ Now

8908Spirit Movie Snow Globe – nick & dent

One of the most anticipated new films of the year is Frank Miller's movie adaptation of Will Eisner's comic strip The Spirit , opening Christmas Day. Dark Horse is happy to celebrate the forthcoming release with some very sophisticated limited-edition pieces based on the characters as they appear in the film. The continual snowfall is a graphic theme in The Spirit , as it has often been in Frank Miller's graphic stories, and creates a visual atmosphere that oozes drama. Therefore, it was not hard to imagine a beautiful snow globe that would capture and reproduce the effect. Crafting the miniature environment was a technical challenge for Dark Horse and sculptors Kolby Jukes and Oluf Hartvigson, but the result is a unique collectible that is fascinating.
Credits:Dark Horse Deluxe

PRICE: $49.99 Order ‘Spirit Movie Snow Globe – nick & dent’ Now

8908Spirit Movie Statue

The Spirit statue presents the masked avenger in full figure (1:7 life size). Peering over a winter rooftop of Central City, the Spirit is poised and ready to spring. Sculpted by Kolby Jukes.
Credits:Frank Miller

PRICE: $119.99 Order ‘Spirit Movie Statue’ Now

8908Spirit TPB Vol. 01

The first volume of the award-winning series is collected in trade paperback, featuring BATMAN/THE SPIRIT and THE SPIRIT #1-6! Written by Darwyn Cooke and Jeph Loeb Art by Darwyn Cooke & J. Bone Cover by Darwyn Cooke
Credits:Darwyn Cook;Jeph Loeb;Darwyn Cooke;J. Bone

PRICE: $15.99 Order ‘Spirit TPB Vol. 01’ Now

8908Star Trek (The Original Series) Enterprise Minimate Vehicle Cs

A Diamond Select Release! Designed and Sculpted by Art Asylum! Star Trek Minimates return! After a long absence, DST is bringing back Trek Minimates with their most spectacular Minimates vehicle yet — the starship Enterprise! With an opening cockpit and a hidden Jeffries tube in the engineering section, the ship measures 10 inches long and includes an exclusive Minimate of Captain Kirk.

PRICE: $95.96 Order ‘Star Trek (The Original Series) Enterprise Minimate Vehicle Cs’ Now

8908Star Trek Khan #3 (of 5) (Subscription Variant)

A photo cover featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan!
Credits:Mike Johnson;Claudia Balboni;Photo

PRICE: $3.19 Order ‘Star Trek Khan #3 (of 5) (Subscription Variant)’ Now

8908Star Trek Ongoing #33

After the events of 'Star Trek Into Darkness', Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise have embarked on their Five Year Mission into uncharted space… only to encounter a deadly new alien species unlike anything the Federation has met before! Don't miss this all-new adventure overseen by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci!
Credits:Mike Johnson;Erfan Fajar;Joe Corroney

PRICE: $3.19 Order ‘Star Trek Ongoing #33’ Now

8908Star Trek Ongoing #33 (Subscription Variant)

A photo variant cover featuringâ¦Kirk!
Credits:Mike Johnson;Erfan Fajar;Photo

PRICE: $3.19 Order ‘Star Trek Ongoing #33 (Subscription Variant)’ Now

8908Star Trek Ongoing #34

'Lost Apollo' concludes here! Stranded on an alien world and cut off from the Enterprise, Spock and Bones must work together to save Captain Kirk from a fate worse than death… a fate tied to the earliest days of humanity's journey to the stars! Overseen by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci, this all-new adventure continues the Five Year Mission between the new movies!
Credits:Mike Johnson;Joe Corroney

PRICE: $3.19 Order ‘Star Trek Ongoing #34’ Now

8908Star Trek Ongoing #34 (Subscription Variant Angry Birds)

For subscription customers onlya variant cover featuringall of your favorite characters as Angry Birds!
Credits:Mike Johnson;Joe Corroney;Craig Rousseau

PRICE: $3.19 Order ‘Star Trek Ongoing #34 (Subscription Variant Angry Birds)’ Now

8908Star Trek Ongoing TPB Vol. 01

The adventures of the Starship Enterprise continue in this new story that picks up where the blockbuster 2009 film left off! Featuring the new cast of the film, these missions re-imagine the stories from the original series in the alternate timeline created by the film, along with new threats and characters never seen before! With creative collaboration from STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci, this new series begins the countdown to the much-anticipated movie sequel premiering in 2012.
Credits:Mike Johnson;Stephen Molnar;Tim Bradstreet

PRICE: $16.19 Order ‘Star Trek Ongoing TPB Vol. 01’ Now

8908Star Wars Black 6-in Action Figure Assortment 201301

NEW for Fall 22013! Hasbro's 'Black Series' will present the classic Star Wars characters like never before! This line of 6" action figures (think 'Marvel Legends', but from A Galaxy Far, Far, Away!) will feature the best articulation yet, with precise character sculpts and highly detailed decos, all presented in a handsome new package aimed especially at collectors. This first wave will include Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot), R2-D2, Darth Maul, and a Sandtrooper.

PRICE: $95.96 Order ‘Star Wars Black 6-in Action Figure Assortment 201301’ Now

8908Star Wars Black 6-in Action Figure Assortment 201401

Hasbro's deluxe 6" scales Star Wars Black Series action figures are back with a new batch of characters from across the Saga! This assortment is scheduled to include: Han Solo (Ep. IV), Stormtrooper (Ep. IV), Obi Wan Kenobi (Ep. III), and 'Bespin' Luke Skywalker (Ep. V). Each figure includes character-specific accessories and multiple points of articulation. Window box packaging.

PRICE: $95.96 Order ‘Star Wars Black 6-in Action Figure Assortment 201401’ Now

8908Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #48 — Demon part 2

Once again a fugitive from justice, former Jedi student Zayne Carrick and his partner Gryph finally find out the truth behind their enemy, the macabre Mandalorian scientist Demagol. Yet they've learned it too late to save a friend from deadly peril! The origin of Demagol revealed!
Credits:John Jackson Miller;Brian Ching;Michael Atiyeh;Benjamin CarrÚ

PRICE: $1.79 Order ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #48 — Demon part 2’ Now

8908Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #49 — Demon part 3

The penultimate chapter of the most epic Knights of the Old Republic story ever told! It is do or die for former Padawan Zayne Carrick as he desperately tries to save Jarael's life. He'll call in favors from the Senate, the Mandalorian Cassus Fett, and Admiral Karath of the Republic Navy — but none can prepare him for what he's about to face!
Credits:John Jackson Miller;Brian Ching;Michael Atiyeh;Benjamin CarrÚ

PRICE: $1.79 Order ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #49 — Demon part 3’ Now

8908Suicide Risk #14

With the Requiem identity in full control now, Tracey, Danny and Suni must find a way to survive the vengeful god now wearing Leo Winters' body. But Requiem has his own plans, and having been thwarted before, he's not going to let something as simple as family get in his way
Credits:Mike Carey;Elena Casagrande;Stephanie Hans

PRICE: $3.19 Order ‘Suicide Risk #14’ Now

8908Supercrooks #1 (of 4) (2nd Printing)

When the market is flooded with competition and the authorities are always on your tail, what's an all-American supervillain to do? Go to Spain, of course! From the writer who brought you Kick-Ass and the artist of Secret Invasion comes a new series about a team of superpowered ne'er-do-wells looking to pull off one last heist in the land of bullfighting and delicious churros. Mature readers.
Credits:Mark Millar;Leinil Francis Yu

PRICE: $2.39 Order ‘Supercrooks #1 (of 4) (2nd Printing)’ Now

8908Superman #20 (Variant Cover Edition)

Hector Hammond is looking for Superman to save him from the New God known as Orion in 'Metropolis Burning!' This variant cover edition comes bagged and boarded.
Credits:Scott Lobdell;Aaron Kuder

PRICE: $5.99 Order ‘Superman #20 (Variant Cover Edition)’ Now

8908Ten Grand #10 (Cover A – Smith)

Joe has penetrated into the depths of Hell to save Laura, the woman he loves more than life itself, from a horrific fate beyond description. He's learned the Enemy's plans to bring down Heaven. They think he's cornered, trapped, neutralized. They're wrong, and by the end of this issue, the ultimate war between heaven and hell will begin…with Joe Fitzgerald right at the center of the biggest fight since the dawn of Creation.
Credits:J. Michael Straczynski;C. P. Smith

PRICE: $2.39 Order ‘Ten Grand #10 (Cover A – Smith)’ Now

8908Terminator: The Burning Earth TPB

Witness the birth of an artistic legend, in Eisner Awardñwinning painter Alex Ross's first professional work! As Skynet prepares a nuclear strike to wipe out humanity, John Connor leads a small team to destroy the sinister AI's mainframe. * This definitive collection features a new cover painting by Ross! * Foreword by Brandon Graham ( Prophet )! * Experience the machine war that leads into the classic film!
Credits:Ron Fortier;Alex Ross

PRICE: $16.19 Order ‘Terminator: The Burning Earth TPB’ Now

8908Tervis Star Wars Imperial Symbol 24oz Tumbler

Feel the might of the Imperial Starfleet behind you with every sip you take from Tervis' Star Wars: Imperial Symbol 24-Ounce Tumbler! Perfect for both hot and cold beverages, this microwave and freezer-safe tumbler is a giant way to take down your thirst!

PRICE: $11.99 Order ‘Tervis Star Wars Imperial Symbol 24oz Tumbler’ Now

8908To Hell You Ride #3

Our drunken, haunted hero visits the scene of his grandfather's execution, recalling the stories that have cursed the land, while nearby the casual and the well-off bathe in blood. * Written by horror movie icon Lance Henriksen ( Millennium , Aliens , Near Dark )! * Body horror meets Native American curses!
Credits:Lance Henriksen;Joseph Maddrey;Tom Mandrake;Cris Peter

PRICE: $2.39 Order ‘To Hell You Ride #3’ Now

8908To Hell You Ride #4

The citizens of the quarantined town are in a panic. The cold is deadly, but not how you think, and one drunk resident holds the fate of the town in his hands. Vengeance has come to the scenic resort town. * From horror movie icon Lance Henriksen ( Millennium , Aliens , Near Dark )! * Drawing on your nightmares!
Credits:Lance Henriksen;Joseph Maddrey;Tom Mandrake;Cris Peter

PRICE: $2.39 Order ‘To Hell You Ride #4’ Now

8908Transformers Robots In Disguise #25 (Subscription Variant)

A special variant cover with art by Phil Jimenez!
Credits:John Barber;Livio Ramondelli;Phil Jimenez

PRICE: $3.59 Order ‘Transformers Robots In Disguise #25 (Subscription Variant)’ Now

8908Treasury of Victorian Murder SC Vol. 08 Madeleine Smith

by Rick Geary Now available in paperback and hardcover! A scandalous secret affair in 19th century Scotland between an upper-class woman and a gentleman of lower standing ends in his murder by poison."

PRICE: $7.16 Order ‘Treasury of Victorian Murder SC Vol. 08 Madeleine Smith’ Now

8908Tricked TPB

From the Eisner award-winning creator of Box Office Poison , comes the highly anticipated original graphic novel, Tricked . Tricked follows the lives of six people – a reclusive rock legend, a heartbroken waitress, a counterfeiter, an obsessive crank, a lost daughter, and a backstabbing lover – whose lives are unconnected until an act of violence brings them spiraling in on each other. Combining intriguing characters with a story structure that is both complex and innovative, Tricked is not to be missed!
Credits:Alex Robinson

PRICE: $15.96 Order ‘Tricked TPB’ Now

8908Trickster Native American Tales GN Anthology

All cultures have tales of the trickster – a crafty creature or being who uses cunning to get food, steal precious possessions, or simply cause mischief. In Native American traditions, the trickster takes many forms, from coyote or rabbit to raccoon or raven. The first graphic anthology of Native American trickster tales, Trickster brings together Native American folklore and the world of comics. More than twenty tales are cleverly adapted into comic form, each written by a different Native American storyteller who worked closely with a selected illustrator.

PRICE: $13.77 Order ‘Trickster Native American Tales GN Anthology’ Now

8908True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #1 (Gabriel Ba variant cover)

Years ago, the Killjoys fought against the tyrannical megacorporation Better Living Industries, costing them their lives, save for one-the mysterious Girl. Today, the followers of the original Killjoys languish in the Desert while BLI systematically strips citizens of their individuality. As the fight for freedom fades, it's left to the Girl to take up the mantle and bring down the fearsome BLI or else join the mindless ranks of Bat City! The follow-up to the album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys ! FROM THE CREATOR OF THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY "…Gerard Way bring(s) a sharp level of wit and fun to each new issue." -Comic Book Resources
Credits:Gerard Way, Shaun Simon;Becky Cloonan;Dan Jackson;Gabriel Bß

PRICE: $3.59 Order ‘True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #1 (Gabriel Ba variant cover)’ Now

8908True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #2 (Becky Cloonan cover)

"Our home was sent to the heavens and there ain't nowhere to go!" Delve into the life of Korse, one of Better Living Industries' most productive and violent Scarecrows! See the trials and tribulations faced by Blue, an android down on her luck! Meanwhile, find out who-or what-survived the original Killjoys' deadly confrontation in Battery City. * One of IGN's Most Anticipated Comics of 2013! * The follow-up to the album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys !
Credits:Gerard Way, Shaun Simon;Becky Cloonan;Dan Jackson

PRICE: $2.39 Order ‘True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #2 (Becky Cloonan cover)’ Now

8908Uncanny Avengers #17

The conclusion of Ragnarök Now! The Avengers Assemble! But are they too late? The Twins' revenge on Kang is complete, but at what cost? Planet X is born!
Credits:Rick Remender;Steve McNiven

PRICE: $3.59 Order ‘Uncanny Avengers #17’ Now

8908Until Death Do Us Part GN Vol. 03

On the run from a greedy corporation, a young precog seeks protection from an unlikely swordsman. Haruka and Mamoru take to the streets, fleeing the deadly invisible enemy that pursues them. With Mamoru wounded and his sword blunted, Haruku fears that prolonging this fight will only end with her protector's destruction. But Mamoru has not been relying on his strength alone. Igawa has been working behind the scenes to counter the drones – but is their technical expert up to the task of disabling government-grade weaponry?
Credits:Hiroshi Takashige;Double – S

PRICE: $15.19 Order ‘Until Death Do Us Part GN Vol. 03’ Now

8908Untouchable (One Shot)

Young Vimal is an outcast, constantly bullied and brutalized by his peers. Having never met his father, he has been told by his schoolmates that he's the horrific offspring of a demon that impregnated his noble mother. When he accidentally awakens Jara, an actual demon of sinister beauty and malevolent power, from a centuries-long slumber, his life takes a turn for the evil. Fed by the boy's anger and pain, Jara twists the trauma into a thirst for vengeance, offering him a 'magic' powder with which to exact revenge on his tormentors. But such gifts come with a price… This original tale is the first East-meets-West collaboration between British comics' master Mike Carey (X-Men, Lucifer, Unwritten) and Indian writer Samit Basu (Devi, Tall Tales).
Credits:Mike Carye & Samit Basu;Ashok Bhadana

PRICE: $4.79 Order ‘Untouchable (One Shot)’ Now

8908Unwritten Vol. 2 Apocalypse #1

Please visit the Things From Another World website for product details.
Credits:Mike Carey;Peter Gross;Yuko Shimizu

PRICE: $3.59 Order ‘Unwritten Vol. 2 Apocalypse #1’ Now

8908Usagi Yojimbo Volume 28: Red Scorpion HC (Limited Edition)

The Red Scorpion Gang has been terrorizing the countryside for months, with evidence of their ill deeds appearing everywhere the rabbit ronin turns! Usagi first crosses swords with the Scorpions as the gang extorts protection money from poor farmers, then must defend a temple from their attacks. But when Usagi is accused of being a member of the gang, he has no choice but to take the fight to the Red Scorpion himself! This volume also features the return of wily thief Kitsune and the mysterious Lord of Owls! Collects Usagi Yojimbo #132â#138! * From world-renowned cartoonist Stan Sakai ( 47 Ronin, The Rocketeer )! * Celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of Usagi Yojimbo ! * Also available in a limited edition, signed and numbered hardcover!
Credits:Stan Sakai

PRICE: $47.99 Order ‘Usagi Yojimbo Volume 28: Red Scorpion HC (Limited Edition)’ Now

8908Vampire Hunter D Bust Monochrome Variant

In a move inspired by the manga genre, and as a special treat for art lovers and statue collectors, Dark Horse has commissioned a special rare variant companion piece to the Vampire Hunter D bust as sculpted by Tim Bruckner. This version highlights the nuance of the monochromatic art style of Amano, as recreated by master prototype painter Kat Sapene.
Credits:Dark Horse Deluxe

PRICE: $44.99 Order ‘Vampire Hunter D Bust Monochrome Variant’ Now

8908Vampirella #7

Her name is Sofia, a young woman pulled into the maelstrom of violence and supernatural terror that surrounds Vampirella. She's stood at Vampirella's side during the terrifying battle Against the Lord of Worms, fought the blood-hungry legions of Dracula, and survived the clutches of the vile Le Fanu. But who is Sofia, and what secrets lurk in her past? Written by Eric Trautmann (Action Comics, The Shield) and illustrated by Walter Geovani (Red Sonja), this issue marks the transition to a new — and bloodier — chapter for Vampirella!
Credits:Eric Trautmann;Walter Geovani

PRICE: $3.19 Order ‘Vampirella #7’ Now

8908Walking Dead #115 (Cover B)

ALL-OUT WAR BEGINS! The biggest storyline in WALKING DEAD history – just in time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series! It's Rick versus Negan with a little help from everyone else! This Cover Connects With Covers B-K to Form an Interconnecting Image Shown Below:
Credits:Robert Kirkman;Charlie Adlard

PRICE: $2.69 Order ‘Walking Dead #115 (Cover B)’ Now

8908Walking Dead #115 (Cover C)

ALL-OUT WAR BEGINS! The biggest storyline in WALKING DEAD history – just in time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series! It's Rick versus Negan with a little help from everyone else! This Cover Connects With Covers B-K to Form an Interconnecting Image Shown Below:
Credits:Robert Kirkman;Charlie Adlard

PRICE: $2.69 Order ‘Walking Dead #115 (Cover C)’ Now

8908Walking Dead TPB Vol. 13 Too Far Gone

Life in the community is as near as Rick and his group can ever hope to come to returning to normal life. So why is Rick so on edge? Will his behavior spell doom for everyone else? Will they let it get that far? MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES
Credits:Robert Kirkman;Charlie Adlard

PRICE: $13.49 Order ‘Walking Dead TPB Vol. 13 Too Far Gone’ Now

8908Walking Dead TPB Vol. 14 No Way Out

As the Eisner Award winning series continues, no one in The Community is safe from what happens within its walls. Collects THE WALKING DEAD #79-84
Credits:Robert Kirkman;Charlie Adlard

PRICE: $13.49 Order ‘Walking Dead TPB Vol. 14 No Way Out’ Now

8908Walking Dead TV Series 2 Shane Walsh Update Editon Action Figure

Please visit the Things From Another World website for product details.

PRICE: $15.99 Order ‘Walking Dead TV Series 2 Shane Walsh Update Editon Action Figure’ Now

8908Walking Dead Tv Series 3 Autopsy Zombie Action Figure


PRICE: $17.99 Order ‘Walking Dead Tv Series 3 Autopsy Zombie Action Figure’ Now

8908Warlord Of Mars #13

Covers: Joe Jusko (50%), Stephen Sadowski (50%), Lucio Parrillo (1-in-15) Writer: Arvid Nelson Artist: Stephen Sadowski Colorist: Adriano Lucas John Carter returns to Mars to be with his beloved princess and the son he has never know – at least, that was his plan. He arrives on the Red Planet in a forest of horrors, a place he's never seen before. Fortunately, an old friend joins him soon enough. Before Carter can look for answers about where he is, he's going to have to do what he does best – kick a little ass. Well, more than a little! Warlord of Mars #13: A Forest Battle is the thrilling first installment of the Gods of Mars story arc, believed by some, including the writer of this very blurb, to be the finest of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars novels. You don't want to miss it!
Credits:Arvid Nelson;Stephen Sadowski

PRICE: $3.19 Order ‘Warlord Of Mars #13’ Now

8908Warlord Of Mars Dejah Thoris #6

Greater and Lesser Helium are united behind Dejah Thoris. But just when things seem to be getting back to normal, Helium's precious supply of water begins running dry. Dejah heads to the Antarctic ice caps to investigate, only to find herself pulled into the deadly mysteries of the forbidden south. A swashbuckling adventure of sky pirates, renegade princesses, lost treasure and ancient curses begins in Dejah Thoris #6: The Bird on the Coin, the first installment of Pirate Queen of Mars! MATURE THEMES
Credits:Arvid Nelson;Carlos Rafael

PRICE: $3.19 Order ‘Warlord Of Mars Dejah Thoris #6’ Now

8908Witchblade #157 (Cover A – Christoper)

"PORTALS," Part One. Even as she struggles to make ends meet as a PI, Sara Pezzini can't help but be drawn into the corrupt supernatural underbelly of Chicago. Her discovery of mystical portals around the city will lead her to a realm unlike anything she's experienced before and bring her face-to-face with a former bearer of the Witchblade! Jump on board with a genre-bending two-parter from the exciting creative team of TIM SEELEY (HACK/SLASH, BLOODSTRIKE) and DIEGO BERNARD (The Man With No Name) that is a perfect jumping-on point for new readers! Featuring two wraparound covers by DIEGO BERNARD and JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (ARTIFACTS, Voodoo).
Credits:Tim Seeley;Diego Bernard;John Tyler Christopher

PRICE: $2.39 Order ‘Witchblade #157 (Cover A – Christoper)’ Now

8908World War Blue GN Vol. 06

For fans of Hetalia comes a video game parody like no other! In the continent of Consume, an endless war rages between bitter rivals: the Segua Kingdom vs. the Ninteldo Empire. Upon his dinosaur steed, the stern Emperor Marcus has led the Ninteldo Empire to near-victory. Now, with the majority of Consume under its control, Ninteldo has Segua up against the ropes. Enter a fleetfooted lad named Gear, who seeks vengenance against Ninteldo for his brother's death. After joining Segua's Army, Gear is enlisted in the Special Forces, due to his amazing speed. Yet the inexperienced, hasty youth may not be ready for the realities of war – or he might just become the Segua Empire's last and greatest hope.
Credits:Anastasia Shestakova;Crimson

PRICE: $9.09 Order ‘World War Blue GN Vol. 06’ Now

8908World War Hulk: Incredible Hercules TPB

When the Hulk returns to Earth for the senses-shattering events of World War Hulk, we can all guess which puny humans will fight against him. But which of Earth's heroes will fight for the Hulk? Don't miss the shocking revelations as Amadeus Cho, the boy genius who took on Reed Richards on behalf of the Hulk in INCREDIBLE HULK #100, confronts She-Hulk and Doc Samson – and precipitates a gamma-powered smash-fest in the wilds of Jersey! Featuring the return of Hulk artist extraordinaire Gary Frank!
Credits:Greg Pak;Jeff Parker;Gary Frank;Leonard Kirk;Carlo Pagulayan

PRICE: $8.99 Order ‘World War Hulk: Incredible Hercules TPB’ Now

8908World War Hulk: Incredible Hercules TPB – nick & dent

When the Hulk returns to Earth for the senses-shattering events of World War Hulk, we can all guess which puny humans will fight against him. But which of Earth's heroes will fight for the Hulk? Don't miss the shocking revelations as Amadeus Cho, the boy genius who took on Reed Richards on behalf of the Hulk in INCREDIBLE HULK #100, confronts She-Hulk and Doc Samson – and precipitates a gamma-powered smash-fest in the wilds of Jersey! Featuring the return of Hulk artist extraordinaire Gary Frank!
Credits:Greg Pak;Jeff Parker;Gary Frank;Leonard Kirk;Carlo Pagulayan

PRICE: $7.49 Order ‘World War Hulk: Incredible Hercules TPB – nick & dent’ Now

8908World War Z DVD

From Paramount Pictures! United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to decimate humanity itself. Available in Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack and standard DVD format.

PRICE: $33.59 Order ‘World War Z DVD’ Now

8908World War Z Oral History Of Zombie War Sc

by Max Brooks Zombies are among us! In a series of journalistic-style interviews and monologues, Max Brooks, author of The Zombie Survival Guide, tracks the institutional and geopolitical missteps that led to the collapse of civilization and follows the intrepid survivors as they tell the story of fighting their way back against a zombie horde of 200 million."

PRICE: $11.96 Order ‘World War Z Oral History Of Zombie War Sc’ Now

8908XIII Cinebook Ed GN Vol. 03 All The Tears Of Hell

Convicted of murder and sent to a high-security prison for the criminally insane, XIII finds himself not only unable to continue searching for his past, but also at the mercy of his enemies. Unknown to him, though, General Carrington and the beautiful (and deadly) Lieutenant Jones are still trying to unravel the mystery of the presidential assassination. All they have to do is find a way to help him before he loses his life – or his mind.
Credits:Jean Van Hamme;William Vance

PRICE: $9.56 Order ‘XIII Cinebook Ed GN Vol. 03 All The Tears Of Hell’ Now

8908X-Men Alpha Flight Prem HC

The X-Men and Alpha Flight have always had Wolverine in common, even when fighting over who should keep him! But when the stakes get high, these two teams of iconic heroes can set aside their differences and join forces to save the world! See Marvel's mutants and Canada's greatest heroes join forces against Loki, Sentinels, Hydra and Wendigo!
Credits:John Byrne & Paul Smith

PRICE: $20.99 Order ‘X-Men Alpha Flight Prem HC’ Now

8908X-Men Gel Front Snap Back Cap

X-Men cap.

PRICE: $21.59 Order ‘X-Men Gel Front Snap Back Cap’ Now

8908X-Men God Loves Man Kills TPB New Printing

The Uncanny X-Men. Magneto, Master of Magnetism. The bitterest of enemies for years. Now, they must join forces against a new adversary who threatens them all and the entire world besides – in the name of God. The members of the Stryker Crusade are poised to cleanse the earth, no matter how much blood stains their hands. With Professor X as their enemy and Magneto as their ally, the X-Men undergo an apocalyptic ordeal ordained by a minister gone mad! One of Chris Claremont's most powerful and influential stories, the partial basis for X2 is reprinted in softcover for the first time in years. Rated T+
Credits:Chris Claremont;Brent Anderson

PRICE: $13.49 Order ‘X-Men God Loves Man Kills TPB New Printing’ Now

8908X-Men Legacy TPB Vol. 01 Prodigal

Legion is the most powerful and unstable mutant in the world, and son to Professor Charles Xavier. NOW!, after Professor X's tragic death, Legion will finally attempt to tame his fractured mind, conquer his inner demons and embrace his father's legacy! First, Legion tries to help newly manifested mutant twins, exploited by a criminal cartel in Japan. But the twins have plans of their own, as do Legion's inner demons! Then, two new villains have begun plotting Legion's demise. But little does he know one of them is lurking within his own psyche, and the other is hiding among the X-Men themselves! Legion infiltrates the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning – but when he learns the demon in his brain has a horrifyingly familiar face, can he and the X-Men help one another overcome it?
Credits:Simon Spurrier;Tan Eng Huat;Mike Del Mundo

PRICE: $14.39 Order ‘X-Men Legacy TPB Vol. 01 Prodigal’ Now

8908X-Men Legacy TPB Vol. 03 Revenants

Legion travels to the UK to preemptively extinguish a threat to the reignited mutant race – but Pete Wisdom, head of Britain's paranormal intelligence agency, won't stand for crimes in the name of mutantkind on his turf! Who will win this game of superhuman spy vs. spy? Then: Legion meets with his mother, Gabrielle Haller, to sort out their complicated relationship once and for all! How will this visit affect the monsters that haunt David's mind? Should some old memories remain buried? Finally, David and Blindfold confront the man who killed his father, Professor X–but Cyclops won't take their attack lying down! Can the son Xavier neglected and the man he adopted as his protégé find common ground? Or does the river of resentment between these two "brothers" run too deep?
Credits:Simon Spurrier;Tan Eng Huat;Mike Del Mundo

PRICE: $11.99 Order ‘X-Men Legacy TPB Vol. 03 Revenants’ Now

8908X-Men vs. Apocalypse TPB Vol. 01 – The Twelve

Setting his grand plan for godhood into motion, Apocalypse dispatches his agents to capture the world's most powerful mutants, the fabled Twelve: Professor X, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Iceman, Sunfire, Polaris, Cable, Bishop, Mikhail Rasputin, the Living Monolith and Magneto. Having himself planted the seeds of the Twelve legend, Apocalypse hopes to siphon their power, granting him omnipotency. Desperate to stave off his ascension, the X-Men must strike a temporary truce with Magneto to battle the warlord's forces as the Twelve are assembled — and one longtime member seemingly sacrifices his own life to end the threat of Apocalypse once and for all!
Credits:Alan Davis;Terry Kavangh;Joe Pruett;Cchris Claremont;Fabian Nicieza;Erik Larsen;Roger Cruz;Rob Liefeld;Alan Davis;Mike Miller;Tom Raney;Bernard Chang

PRICE: $23.99 Order ‘X-Men vs. Apocalypse TPB Vol. 01 – The Twelve’ Now

8908X-Men: Messiah Complex TPB

'Easily the best X-Men crossover in over a decade.' – In the aftermath of HOUSE OF M, DECIMATION and ENDANGERED SPECIES, the future of mutants has never been bleaker. At the seeming end of their evolutionary cycle, a miracle arrives in the form of the first mutant birth since the tragic events of M-Day, when the Scarlet Witch obliterated the X-gene from virtually every mutant on the planet. But from this source of hope comes a clash between mutants over who will control the child's fate. It is a battle in which every mutant on the planet has a stake. The fight is on. The combined effort of several of Marvel's top creators, X-MEN: MESSIAH COMPLEX mines the rich tapestry of the X-Men Universe for a dizzying thrill-ride of suspense that will set a new course for the future of mutantkind.

PRICE: $26.99 Order ‘X-Men: Messiah Complex TPB’ Now

8908X-O Manowar #9 (Hairsine Cover)

The countdown to PLANET DEATH starts now! New York Times best-selling author Robert Venditti and superstar artist Trevor Hairsine (Ultimate Spider-Man, Cla$$war) kick off the two-part prologue that will lead to the X-O Manowar event nearly a year in the making. The Vine invasion fleet has finally reached Earth, and they aren't leaving until they reclaim their sacred X-O Manowar armor. Standing in their path is Aric of Dacia, the first human to ever wield the armor's power. But the armor is capable of so much more than even Aric knows, and he'll face adversaries old and new in his battle to save humanity from extinction. The war begins here!
Credits:Robert Venditti;Trevor Hairsine

PRICE: $3.19 Order ‘X-O Manowar #9 (Hairsine Cover)’ Now

8908X-O Manowar Deluxe HC Vol. 01

An oversized, deluxe hardcover collecting X-O Manowar 's complete first year in the Valiant Universe! From the epic origin to the battle for Planet Death, the definitive tale of Valiant's flagship hero comes together in this prestige-sized collection by New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti ( Green Lantern, The Surrogates ) and comics visionaries Cary Nord ( Conan ), Lee Garbett ( Batman: RIP ), and Trevor Hairsine ( X-Men: Deadly Genesis ). Aric of Dacia, a fifth century Visigoth armed with the universe's most powerful weapon, is all that stands between the Earth and all-out annihilation at the hands of the alien race that abducted him from his own time. Stranded in the modern day, X-O Manowar's battle against the Vine will take him into the shadows with the lethal operative known as Ninjak — and launch a quest for vengeance that will bring an alien empire to its knees. The Vine destroyed Aric's world. Now he will give them war. Collecting the sold-out X-O MANOWAR #1-14,……
Credits:Robert Venditti;Cary Nord

PRICE: $29.99 Order ‘X-O Manowar Deluxe HC Vol. 01’ Now

8908Zero Killer #1

The creator of Rex Mundi presents his vision of a shattered alternate future, as brutal gangs struggle for supremacy in a New York City ravaged by nuclear war. All that remains of the once mighty city are skeletal, irradiated skyscrapers, inhabited by thugs who abide by their own twisted rules. While crime lords vie for power and amoral paramilitary forces torment survivors of the devastation, one skilled outcast–the mysterious Zero–uses his strength and wits to stay a step ahead of everyone. Working for anyone while pledging allegiance to none, Zero is a bounty hunter who hunts the dregs of a ruined society . . . he is the Zero Killer. An all-new miniseries from Rex Mundi creator Arvid Nelson!
Credits:Arvid Nelson;Matt Camp, more;Dave Stewart

PRICE: $1.79 Order ‘Zero Killer #1’ Now

8908Zoo Dot Com GN

In order to cut costs, the Zoo decided it would be a good idea to have the animals run their IT department and website.
Credits:Matt McCray

PRICE: $7.96 Order ‘Zoo Dot Com GN’ Now

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