Top 5 Father’s Day Movies!

Top 5 Father's Day Movies

Father’s Day, the day we spend some time with dear old dad (or, if you are lucky enough to be a dad, the day you get to spend with your kids). Where our wives and kids let us sleep in, watch TV and pretty much do what we normally do..but with much less fuss about it. I collected the Top 5 Father’s Day Movies featuring awesome, tireless, dads..who simply want the best for their family. Check them out today!

#5 Mrs. Doubtfire

When washed-up actor and child at heart Daniel Hillard loses his job and gets a divorce, his only course of action is to use his acting skills to turn into Mrs. Doubtfire, a tough but sweet nanny to his kids. When his ex-wife begins dating someone new Hillard tries to win her back while keeping the kids in line and keeping his old boss’ hands to himself! I don’t doubt that this 90’s throwback sugary sweet film isn’t really meant for dads, but its message about a father’s willingness to do anything for his kids shows through. Plus Robin Williams is in fine form playing he leading man/lady. Mrs. Doubtfire on Amazon

#4 Hook

When Peter Banning returns home for the holidays he discovers a long forgotten secret about his family, and himself, he’s the original Peter Pan! When his kids are taken by the nefarious Captain Hook, Peter must return to Neverland to gain back his kids, and his sense of youth. Again, another Robin Williams sugar-fest, this time directed by Stephen Spielberg, Hook is a wonderful film about father’s and son’s, finding one’s youth again through them, and learning to leg go. I highly recommend it! Hook on Amazon | Hook on iTunes

#3 Despicable Me

Gru is a bad guy, in every sense of the word, he is evil, nasty, mean-spirited, and maniacal..when he comes up with his ultimate plan, to use 3 orphans for a grand scheme, he finds himself growing the love the youngsters in ways that make him change his entire outlook on life. This animated comedy features the voice talents of Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Julie Andrews, Will Arnett, Kristen Wiig, & Miranda Cosgrove and is a wonderful film about the true meaning of family and love, and what it means to be a father. Plus the minions are awesome!

#2 Finding Nemo

When Marlin, a clown fish, loses his wife and entire family of unborn eggs, he takes solace in knowing that 1 has survived, Nemo. As Nemo grows up the over-protective Marlin becomes the ultimate ‘helicopter father’ in an attempt to keep Nemo safe from everything out there. When Nemo is taken by scuba divers Marlin must face his own fears of the deep blue see in a desperate attempt the find him. One of Pixar’s most famous films, ‘Finding Nemo’ is one of the best examples of a father’s willingness to do anything for his kids. As a father of a little 6 year old, I know exactly what Marlin is going through in an attempt to shield his son from everything. Marlin’s journey of self-discover and the ultimate rescue of Nemo is a wonderful story, and a true tear jerker if there ever was one! Finding Nemo on Amazon | Finding Nemo on iTunes

#1 Father of the Bride

George Banks has a great life, he has a wonderful wife, his own company, and a young daughter…who just announced she is getting married… George Banks had a great life. As George’s over-protectiveness kicks into full gear, his daughter’s wedding feels like it is getting out of hand, between the expenses and the impending wedding date George feels his life is spinning out of control and he will lose is little daughter forever. One of Steve Martin’s more endearing roles, “Father of the Bride” smacks at the heart of the Father/Daughter relationship, dads never want to see their daughters grow up, and daughters look to their fathers for support and guidance. I put this film at the Number 1 Father’s Day Film simply for its message about love, and understanding, even when it feels like the ground is being ripped out in front of you. Father of the Bride on Amazon | Father of the Bride on iTunes

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

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