101 Doctor Who Facts!

Fan Made Doctor Who Title Sequence

In honour of the series premiere of the 8th (or 31st depending who you ask) season of Doctor Who tonight we have a special treat: “101 Doctor Who Facts!” Enjoy!!

  1. David Tennant is 6ft 1 and 3/4 inches tall
  2. David Tennant’s favourite Doctor is Tom Baker
  3. There are six versions of David Tennant’s outfit
  4. Series three of Doctor Who took 187 days to shoot
  5. The Doctor’s robot dog, K-9, was originally called Fido
  6. There are two versions of Martha Jones’ red leather jacket
  7. Doctor Who Adventures is the UK’s top-selling boys’ magazine
  8. Russell appeared as a Cyberman on Why Don’t You? in the 1980s
  9. Colin Baker was considered for a role in Tom Baker’s debut story
  10. There are 108 missing episodes of Doctor Who, all from the 1960s
  11. The series was rested for 18 months during the sixth Doctor’s period
  12. Torchwood, the show’s spin-off, is an anagram of the words Doctor Who
  13. In South Korea Doctor Who is more popular than the American series CSI
  14. Katy Manning, who played Jo Grant, is best friends with Liza Minnelli
  15. City of Death in 1979 is the first story to be filmed outside of the UK
  16. Elisabeth Sladen swallowed a fly on set while filming ‘The Hand of Fear’
  17. The BBC Doctor Who website is more popular than the site for EastEnders
  18. The sound of the Slitheen eyelids is created by rustling a piece of paper
  19. The story Shada began filming in 1979 but was never completed or broadcast
  20. William Hartnell wore a wig as did Patrick Troughton for the first two years
  21. Jon Pertwee dressed as a cleaning lady in an episode called The Green Death
  22. Patrick Troughton passed away while attending a fan convention in the 1980s
  23. Writer Russell T Davies used to work on children’s programme, Why Don’t You?
  24. A pilot of the first episode was shot but never broadcast until the early 90s
  25. A set visit auctioned for Children in Need raised over #20,000 for the charity
  26. Freema Agyeman was originally told she was auditioning for a part in Torchwood
  27. Not a lot of people know that McCoy was once a bouncer for the Rolling Stones
  28. Tom Baker broke his collar bone while shooting his location work as The Doctor
  29. Victorian Cardiff for the story The Unquiet Dead was actually filmed in Swansea
  30. Ridley Scott was scheduled to work as a designer on early episodes of Doctor Who
  31. Billie Piper wore hair extensions when she had her hair cut between series 1 & 2
  32. Colin Baker & Jon Pertwee played the Doctor on stage in ‘The Ultimate Adventure’
  33. As a stage act, seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy stuffed ferrets down his trousers!
  34. Christopher Eccleston’s battered leather jacket was bought in a second-hand store
  35. Ex-Blue Peter presenter Peter Purves played the Doctor’s companion Steven Taylor
  36. Everything ever filmed for the new series is retained in the archives of BBC Wales
  37. 11th Doctor Matt Smith is the youngest actor to have been cast in the lead role
  38. Sixth Doctor Colin Baker appeared as a Time Lord commander in a Peter Davison story
  39. Action figures of the Doctor and companions are approved before they are manufactured
  40. The 2006 adventure The Satan Pit was completed just 48 hours before it was broadcast
  41. David Tennant turned on the Blackpool illuminations the year it had a Doctor Who theme
  42. Colin Baker was so popular in Israel in the 70s that he was mobbed at The Wailing Wall
  43. Celebrity fans of the show include Dawn French Jo Whiley Jonathan Ross & Kylie Minogue
  44. The 1st scene recorded of the new series was Christopher Eccleston chasing a space pig
  45. Murray Gold’s re-worked title music contains elements from the original 1963 recording
  46. An episode of Doctor Who takes two weeks to film, and several months in post production
  47. Peter Davison’s first adventure, Castrovalva, was actually the fourth story he recorded
  48. Russell T Davies writes all his scripts from home and doesn’t have an office at the BBC
  49. Ten Cybermen suits were created for their return in 2006, plus two lightweight versions
  50. The Deadly Assassin in 1976 is the only story to feature the Doctor without a companion
  51. David Tennant & Freema Agyeman filmed the special trailers for series 3 on their day off
  52. Christopher Eccleston was the first actor to be cast who was younger than the show itself
  53. Spearhead From Space was the first story shot on film This wouldn’t happen again until 96
  54. The 1996 TV Movie starring Paul McGann was based in America, but actually shot in Canada
  55. Tom Baker was bitten on the lip by a dog while recording the 1978 story The Pirate Planet
  56. The theme music was written by Ron Grainer who also composed the theme for Steptoe and Son
  57. The final part of ‘Earthshock’ was broadcast without end title music as a tribute to Adric
  58. Producer Phil Collinson appeared on Coronation Street as the man who sold a house to Deidre
  59. Mission to the Unknown is the only story not to feature the Doctor or any of his companions
  60. The opening “scream” of the theme tune made its debut on 70s story The Ambassadors of Death
  61. Current script editor Gary Russell appeared as Dick in the 1970s version of The Famous Five
  62. Welsh locations for series three include St Fagans & a return to Roald Dahl Plas in Cardiff
  63. There are 4 working Dalek props – CGI & careful shooting are used to create an army of them
  64. The myth that Jon Pertwee suffered back problems & wore a corset under his costume is untrue
  65. When Martha Jones was the companion the production team had 10 others whose surname is Jones
  66. DVD-style commentaries are broadcast via the interactive option on BBC Three’s repeat showing
  67. For the forthcoming episode set in New York, none of the cast travelled further than Penarth
  68. At the time of her hit ‘Because We Want To’ Billie Piper was the youngest solo female artist
  69. In 99 a Comic Relief special featured Rowan Atkinson Hugh Grant & Joanna Lumley as the Doctor
  70. At 1 point Doctor Who 2 spinoffs & 2 behind the scenes shows were recorded at the same studio
  71. There are currently 3 TARDIS props.Two are made from wood and one from lightweight fibreglass
  72. During his final series Tom Baker fell ill & curly hair turned straight so he was given a perm
  73. Katy Manning who played Jo Grant was very short-sighted & tripped over a rock on her first day
  74. Series 3 writer Chris Chibnall appeared on ‘Open Air’ in 86 to criticise the writers that year
  75. Several Blue Peter presenters have appeared in Doctor Who including Janet Ellis & Sarah Greene
  76. In 1986 a young fan called Gareth starred in his own episode with Colin Baker for Jim’ll Fix It
  77. When Tom Baker was unavailable for ‘The Five Doctors’ scenes from the abandoned story were used
  78. The landscape of new New York in the year 5 billion was actually filmed at the Gower Peninsula
  79. Christopher Eccleston’s screen credit was ‘Doctor Who’ David Tennant is credited as ‘The Doctor’
  80. The last scene recorded in the original series was of 2 women turning to stone for ‘Ghost Light’
  81. The 1st producer was Verity Lambert It wouldn’t be until 05 that the show had another female one
  82. The film was dedicated to the memory of Jon Pertwee who had died a few days before its broadcast
  83. TARDIS travelling through a blue vortex means it’s going back in time a red vortex means forward
  84. Actor Nicholas Briggs provides the voices for the Daleks Cybermen Jagrafess Nestene & The Judoon
  85. The 1st episode was repeated the following week after transmission problems caused a TV blackout
  86. When filming at The Globe the production crew brought inflammable straw to meet fire regulations
  87. The original TARDIS console was painted pale green which made it look white on black & white TVs
  88. Following ‘Father’s Day’ filmed in a church several fans chose to get married at the same church
  89. Russell submitted a synopsis of an episode 1989 – he was advised to write a show about mortgages
  90. The first 3 Doctors reunited for 10th season – William Hartnell was too ill to participate fully
  91. The 4th Doctor’s long scarf was a fluke – The creator simply knitted all the wool she was given!
  92. A 1993 Children in Need special saw several previous Doctors & companions arrive in Albert Square
  93. The original title sequence was shot by pointing a TV camera at its own monitor creating feedback
  94. In 2006, Radio Times dedicated its front cover to Doctor Who more times than any other programme
  95. Patrick Troughton & his son appeared in an adventure together in the 1969 episode ‘The War Games’
  96. Barry Newbury who was the designer on the 1st episode once visited the current Doctor Who studios
  97. 3rd Doctor’s enemy was The Master played by Roger Delgado – To date 5 actors have played the part
  98. Pauline Collins played a character called Samantha Briggs who was once considered for a companion
  99. Margaret John has the record for the longest gap between roles in Doctor Who 1st in 1968 2nd 2006
  100. Louise Jameson wore brown contact lenses but found them ucomfortable – writers had to remove them
  101. There are only 100 facts on this list

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