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Comic-Con & Beyond: Latest Industry News

Movie and comic news has been coming in hot and heavy since the beginning of Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend. Here is the latest headlines and bits of coolness.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron: Marvel has slowly been releasing this awesome concept art poster for the film, it has now all come together in all its glory:

Complete Avengers: Age Of Ultron Comic-Con Poster


Pirates of the Caribbean 5: After a few false starts and delays, “Pirates of the Caribbean 5″ will sail into theaters on July 7, 2017, Walt Disney Studios said Wednesday. The latest rum-soaked installment in the Johnny Depp franchise has the date to itself, but faces competition from the July 14th release of “Fantastic Four 2″ and the June 30th debut of “Despicable Me 3.”

Batman & Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: Zack Snyder has been busy on his Twitter account before arriving at Comic Con to present footage from his upcoming film. He first tweeted out a photo of Ben Afleck in his Batman cowl and then a fully stylized photo of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, then surprised the entire crowd at Hall H with Henry Cavil, Ben Afleck and Gal Gadot in person to talk about the film.

Sinister Six & Spider-Man 3: Looking to broaden its Spider-Man franchise, Sony has dated spin-off “Sinister Six” for Nov. 11, 2016 as the next tentpole in its key property — while moving back “The Amazing Spider-Man 3″ two years to 2018. After modest box office results for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” the studio thinks “Sinister Six” will expand the Spider-Man universe by bringing in villains, making Sony a stronger competitor against the likes of Disney/Marvel’s “Avengers” and WB’s Justice League superheroes in the coming years.


Untitled Marvel Movie 7: Marvel has announced the release date for another untitled film, this one dated May 4, 2018. The news comes less than a week after Disney and Marvel staked out five other dates from 2017 to 2019.

The full Marvel release schedule so far:

May 1: The Avengers: Age of Ultron
July 17: Ant-Man

May 6: Captain America 3
July 8: Doctor Strange

May 5: Untitled
July 28: Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Nov. 3: Untitled

May 4: Untitled
July 6: Untitled
Nov. 2: Untitled

May 3: Untitled

"Guardians of the Galaxy" Teaser Trailer Images

Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Marvel Studios is already moving forward with a sequel to the as-yet unreleased ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ film and has turned to James Gunn to return to write and direct. It’s unclear whether Nicole Perlman, who co-wrote the first “Guardians” with Gunn, will return. “Guardians” is Marvel Studios’ 10th film since starting to self finance its own projects in 2008, with “Iron Man.”

Joaquin Phoenix

Doctor Strange: Joaquin Phoenix is in early talks to star in Marvel’s “Doctor Strange,” sources confirm. The deal is far from complete but insiders confirm that Phoenix is strongly considering the superhero role, which had previously been linked to Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy. Scott Derrickson is directing with Jon Spaihts currently rewriting the script.

The pic will be produced by Marvel chief Kevin Feige and could be featured at Saturday’s Comic-Con presentation in San Diego, which is already expected to include the cast of “The Avengers.” Executive producers on “Doctor Strange” are Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Alan Fine, Stan Lee and Stephen Broussard.

Ant-Man: It has been confirmed that Corey Stoll will play the villain Yellowjacket (AKA Darren Cross) in Marvel’s “Ant-Man,” the studio announced on Saturday evening at Comic-Con. Marvel also confirmed that Evangeline Lilly will play Hope, the female lead in the film. The movie, which was supposed to be helmed by Edgar Wright before he dropped out unexpectedly after being attached to the project since 2006, will be directed by Peyton Reed. Paul Rudd is playing the titular superhero, while Michael Douglas is Dr. Hank Pym. Michael Pena and Patrick Wilson round out the cast.

Plus, this new poster for the film has ‘leaked’ online:

Ant-Man Poster Leaks at Comic-Con International

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Electro Arrives! Comic-Con Electro Teaser for Spider-Man 2!

Check out the first bit of footage from ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’, the focus here is on Jamie Foxx’s Electro. This is a short teaser to announce that Foxx himself will appear at Comic-Con’s infamous Hall H for a ASM2 panel.


Take a look! Share your thoughts below!

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